1. Demonbabywearspamps

    Fursuit diapers?

    Since I'm working on making my own full fursuit I've wondered how and why do some babyfurs/diaperfurs put diapers on their fursuits? Especially since it seems impossible to use the diaper on the suit.
  2. itsmebabypat

    Fursuit help

    Hi all my partner is looking in getting a partial (head and sleeves) fursuit, just wanted to ask if anyone has any good suggestions of UK creators.
  3. liltigerpaw

    Fursuits. Own one or not.

    So who owns a fursuit? If you do, do you like wearing diapers while suiting? I own a few fursuits myself. A personal tiger suit and a rainbow dash suit.
  4. Angellothefox

    Which avatar should I use?

    So I did not know where to put this so it is babyfur/abdl relalated ish but I can not accsess blogs now so...:sweatdrop: I have two avartars at I will let YOU!:dunno: decide. One of them is me in my fursuit Angellothefox The other is a cartoon digital drawing in paint on a picture...
  5. Premetheus

    Here's A Question

    So if in the future I got a fursuit.... would it really make sense to add the diaper fur element? I mean my fursona is a match of my personality because I feel closer to it that way. No special abilities or strong differences, just me but in an adult (same age as me) anthropromorphic Great Dane...
  6. Premetheus

    Fursuits and Diapers

    As of right now, both seem to be an impossibility to obtain due to lack of funds. However, when I do regain the ability to earn cash, what would be recommended for fursuit commissioning? I really would prefer something professional and between $500-$2,000 for the cost. This would obviously be...
  7. jter42

    Fur Suits, Ear's, and Tails.

    Hey I just wanted to ask who is a good person to commission a Fursuit from? I'm trying to buy one, and just don't know where to go about looking to commission one. Also what would the price be for a quality suit? I also have a question for the people with the fake tail and ear's. Where is a...
  8. jter42

    Alot of furry comedy being shown on tv lately.

    I was watching Tosh.0 a couple week's ago, and they showed Danielle Tosh wearing a full fursuit! A couple day's before that I was watching American Dad and they had yet another furry mention! It showed a banner that said "Fur Con" and there were ton's of people in fursuit's at it. The American...
  9. leffykit

    ever slept in a fursuit?

    Just a quick thought before I head to bed, so I wont be able to check replies til after work tomorrow. But I was wondering, has anyone else with a full fursuit ever slept in it? I have a couple times, first time I was just drunk and zonked out in just the body, second time was intentional, last...
  10. Cosmos

    Fursuit preferences

    I apologize if this was already a poll! I searched and didn't see anything related to this. Anyway, I'm curious to everyone's input. What costume style do you prefer to wear? This does not mean that you have to have that costume! I would prefer a full fursuit, however I do not have the money...