1. BabyLillytheprincess

    Roleplay site that I found

    Has any on y’all heard of Wolfery.com? It’s a really cool role playing site
  2. CrinkleBuck

    New to the forum

    Hello! I'm Lavender, also known as CrinkleBuck. I'm an AB/DL furry artist & I'm getting more into the community. I've always had an interest in diapers but I had too many issues with shame to engage with this interest until this year. My partner is the same way & we enjoy being diaper furs...
  3. ZellieMonster

    Hi, im new here.

    Hello everyone! My name is Zellie :) I joined today because I was super excited to share with other humans my husband bought me diapers. It's been a long time want to try thing. I also age regress to some degree as well. :) I'm a furry artist that has been in the Fandom since my late...
  4. Sockzz

    Diaper/Potty License F2U Base

  5. horatiohusky

    Curse of the Crinkle Crate [Comm]

    Curse of the Crinkle Crate Composed by Horatio Husky Featuring and Commissioned by Kazard the Fox! Chapter 1 The Box I… Want… Couch Time… Now… were the thoughts of a certain blonde-haired fox, as he absentmindedly fumbled with the keys to his small, cozy home. His shoulders were slumped...
  6. Sockzz


    Hello im Matthew!! Im an young and inspiring artist and a furry!! I enjoy grunge/punk music and grunge/90s fashion. My favorite band is mother mother!! I'm new to the abdl community and I'm still looking for abdl friends!! Im in Canada and i anyone near me that has similar andl interests, i...
  7. horatiohusky

    IT: Infant Tech [Comm]

    IT: Infant Tech By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Bolt Chapter 1: The Office Bolt readjusted his glasses. This was a nervous habit of his, which he would perform with relative frequency whenever he was working with unruly code. Sat in front of his desk, garbed in his normal office attire of...
  8. horatiohusky

    Scott's Remote

    Chapter 1 Scott could hardly contain his giddiness as he turned his steering wheel to make a left at the intersection. After several weeks of careful planning, scheming, checking, and rechecking, he finally had a free weekend for himself. He had spent those weeks ordering discrete packages...
  9. Demonbabywearspamps

    Fursuit diapers?

    Since I'm working on making my own full fursuit I've wondered how and why do some babyfurs/diaperfurs put diapers on their fursuits? Especially since it seems impossible to use the diaper on the suit.
  10. ABAlex2

    A Lamb in Sheep's Clothing

    (This story is part of an art trade with Patricktricks on DA, so credit to them for the base idea. I don't normally do furry stuff so it was a bit of a challenge. I hope it works well for you anyway) "I don't belong in here, I don't belong in here," the former assistant mayor said as she...
  11. horatiohusky

    The Plush Dungeon [Comm]

    The Plushie Dungeon By Horatio Husky Commission for Ollie The clinking of armor could be heard distinctly throughout the forest grove as a sheep clad in sparkling metal marched steadily towards his destination. The confident smile adorning his face was hidden by a shiny, metal helmet...
  12. S

    Hello there form Hungary

    Hello im Shyamala. Im from Hungary so sorry if i make mistakes in my gramar etc.... im 25 and for a long time im attracted to wearing a diaper! But never tryed it i was shy/ feared to even buy one! When i go to buy i cant really......do it every time i buy something else :(. For years i...
  13. H

    Another Diaper lover gamer...and furry?

    Hi everyone. My friends calls me fox. Or damn fox because I get into a lot of trouble. Enough trouble that even when I had nothing to do with something I still get blamed. Suppose I might be too much of a kid at heart I guess. Recently I started accepting that I love diapers and have "little"...
  14. Legolas


    Hey everyone! I'm poking my head back in once again for my Yearly Post (TM) :laugh: Who all is going to be at AC 2018? Furthermore, does anyone know of any meetups, parties, or get-togethers for us babs? I'm bringing a friend with me and I want to make sure their first convention is one to...
  15. Angellothefox

    Are you coming to Confuzzled this year?

    Are you coming to confuzzled this year 2018! I just want to know whether you lil babyfurs and bigger diaperfurs will be there?
  16. L

    Hi! Happy to be here!

    Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’ve been a “lurker” probably for something around 6 years since I discovered this community. I’ve always struggled with the truth about myself, accepting my Abdl has been very hard but I’ve recently made a lot of progress and that why I decided to register and...
  17. F

    Just saying hi!

    Hello everyone! My name is Felix. I just wanted to introduce myself, and perhaps create a great first impression into this wonderful community! I figure I had might as well describe myself a little bit, and take this opportunity to get to know some new people. I am currently 20 years old...
  18. liltigerpaw

    Fursuits. Own one or not.

    So who owns a fursuit? If you do, do you like wearing diapers while suiting? I own a few fursuits myself. A personal tiger suit and a rainbow dash suit.
  19. Takashi

    A Centaur's Life - A "Furry" Anime

    I was browsing YouTube today when I saw an anime clip with human/animal hybrids. A Centaur's Life (Centaur's Warriors in Japan) is a slice of life anime where humans eventually evolved into races similar to mythological creatures. I've watched the first episode so far and think it's really cool...
  20. Angellothefox

    kiwi farm Angellothefox's profile and my comments Part 2

    Warning due to the nature of these people I have taken out any bad languege and replaced it with symbles as seen on the game conkers bad furday. Since I have tried my best to keep it a PG 13 some parts are blacked out that I feel are not approprite and also names have been missing since I do not...