1. D

    Where can I find swings or bouncers?

    I saw a post the other day of this girl chilling in a bouncer and i'm wondering if theres a place I can buy one? Thanks!
  2. L

    I would to share about me new Babica crib

    Hi all, I would like to share with you about the most fantastic new crib I have for my nursery. I have always wanted a crib this year I finally did it. I ordered a Playcrib from Babica(). It came in two days ago and took me about two hours to set it up the first time, mostly because I was...
  3. Babica

    Just Finished Building a PlayCrib, and you can't tell it's Adult-Sized from the pics!

    Adult Sized, no really!
  4. Poofybutt

    ABDL Bassinet

    I often make lists from time to time about what my baby-side would like to have when I move into a bigger place, future plans. After just glancing upon another post in this forum, a review of baby bassinet's, my baby-side finds himself wanting a bassinet fit for an AB. Has anyone else thought...
  5. L

    building a nursey

    Hi guys. I'm a new member and looking to build a new nursery for myself and a few friends. I live in the UK and I'm looking for ideas or anywhere I can buy furniture, highchair, cot bed, changing bed etc. Would it be cheaper to buy or try and build myself. Any pics or advice from you guys would...
  6. D

    Diaper smells on furniture?

    So, I see a lot of threads asking about not smelling bad when wearing diapers... But nothing about the things you lie down on or sit on when wearing diapers. It seems that anything that comes in contact with a diaper, ends up getting a "diaper smell". So, if you sleep in diapers, your bed...
  7. Babica

    Ok, here it is, a crib for everybody:

    Hi All, I have been working on a portable crib design for a few years now, and I finally have one that I think you all may like. I put my site up tonight, but it can't take orders yet, I just want to get your feedback. I talked about this on another post a little while ago and a few people...
  8. kittenjossee

    Baby Furniture

    Does anyone still have some of there baby furniture and still fit inside of it? I still fit in my old highchair with the tray in the middle position and I can fit in my old stroller although the belt doesn't go around me anymore. I'd love to try to see how far I can get into my sisters car...
  9. B

    Real Baby Highchairs

    Hi All, I'm looking for a high chair that i can fit into that is also real baby high chair. I was just wondering if anyone similar to my size (130lbs, 30" waist, 5'8") has fit into some. If so, what models of high chairs were they? I was at a friends house and they had a highchair i could...
  10. Pramrider

    A Word or Two On High Chairs...

    Kind of an addendum to the 'cribs/playpens/strollers' thread we had in this forum some weeks back. If you would like a *real* baby high chair to use, and you're a 32 waist (maybe a bit more) or smaller, this is the kind on the ebay links below you need to look out for in second hand/thrift...