1. TeddyBearCowboy

    So Close, But Yet So Far Away --A Missed Opportunity

    So, I recently was out of town for work. On the last day of my stay at the hotel, I go downstairs and find myself at a furry convention!!! :smile1: I was speechless. . . . . . But before I proceed, I need to explain a bit. I have only realized my baby furriness for a little less than a...
  2. wulfpup

    Are you coming to Rainfurrest? BF/LF/AB/DL/TB Party? Roomshares? Please Post!!!

    Hi everyfur, I was wondering who all from this site are planning on attending rainfurrest ’09, which is one of Washington’s big furry cons, on September 18th, 19th & 20th in SeaTac, Washington state. I’m really new to furdom/babyfurdom, and this will be my first ever con, so I thought I would...