1. FluffyWolfe

    Fox or Wolf - Can't Decide

    I love both animals. imo, the fox is quick and cunning and the wolf is large and powerful. I've always enjoyed watching video of both animals. When I was younger, I had stuffed animals of both, sadly don't have those anymore. I've done about 20 of those crazy "What furry are you" quizzes...
  2. P

    Postulant or is it challenge ?

    Query, maybe but challenge fits better in this case. A Challenge; Is there a symbol to represent us Cubs/BabyFurs? Lacking an positive answer; What would be a good symbol that represents us as Furry and cubs?
  3. DLMunky

    Vote now for new furry diaper style

    Recently ABUniverse reached out to three very talented artists and asked them to share their ideas for a new baby fur diaper design for ABUniverse to produce as our next high-quality adult diaper: the ABU Furry Diaper. Each of the three artists came up with a great design in its own right...
  4. S

    New Babyfurr Gamer here!

    Hey there! I'm exploring the baby fur side of abdl, I'm a gamer and have Xbox one! Add me! :D Sir Wo1fie! Though if you have a 360, sadly I cant play wiff you! Also, with that being said, I am a new babyfur, so if anyone is willing to help explore this side of me, I welcome it with open paws...
  5. JoeyKangaroo

    Not Another Diaperfur!

    Hey guys! I came on over from DailyDiapers, and just wanted to have two websites to be part of as opposed to just one. My friends call my Joey, I'm a diaperfur and a DL, and I'm well-known as a kangaroo by friends of mine. :) Glad to be here! I'm always down to chat!
  6. Addy

    My Fursona in the works....

    So I'm new to the furrry fandom but given that my roommate is a furry and I have been a furry waiting to happen I started working on my Fursona. Not so much a baby/diaper fur but I imagine my AB and Fur side will collide sometime. So I have some up with a couple bits of work here figured I would...
  7. KRASN1

    2012 Hyundai commercial, that most you furs will appreciate

    My lil treat to you! LOTS of animals ^_^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BRVSkTE22U&feature=related
  8. Goodnites11


    I'm looking at something on FurBuy.com but I'm hesitant to bid because I haven't heard much about the site. Has anyone used FurBuy.com before? Is it a legitimate site?
  9. T

    Further Confusion

    Looks like the other Further Confusion thread got closed? I didn't pick out a reason why but I'm sure they have their reasons. I don't want to break any rules and I know asking to meet people is against them, but I would hope it's okay just to be curious who will be going to Further Confusion...
  10. S


    Is there anybody else here who is simply a diaperfur (a furry who is into diapers without the *B aspect) and not a babyfur? It seems everybody here who is a furry is a babyfur as well.
  11. DragonKitsSkyy

    is any babyfurs going to acen (anime central)

    Ok so I go to acen every yr and I'm woundering are any other babyfurs from this site going Cuz I'd love to meet up and talk ect I'm going as kuran kaname from vampire knight this yr
  12. Wolf3188

    Where to get a fursuit made?

    This thread may have been done before, but honestly, I have been devoloping my furry side and it has been getting to a point where I would very much like a suit. Trouble is is that while I am good at designing things, I am rubbish at anything to do with crafty skills. Unfortunate. So do you...