1. michaelmc

    Exposed diaper embarassment

    I had an embarassing situation a couple of days ago when i got out of bed answered the door half asleep for a parcel in just T-shirt and diaper and then realised:wallbash:.have you had a embarassing moment like that?:dunno:
  2. P

    Random Facts that you find interesting

    I like finding bits of random facts and things, I'm wondering what kinds of things everyone else out there find. Post something that you have looked up or researched and thought was interesting or funny, include meme's gifs, pics, whatever. ran into this bit of info today never really thought...
  3. ABAlex2

    The Alteration (or: I Met Her Fore More then This)

    As Sam Gregory awoke one morning from a night of fitful dreams, he found he had been transformed in his bed into a giant baby. He lay on his back and looked up to see himself in a long pair of baby blue footed pajamas, with the soft bulge of a diaper around his waist. He tried to move his arms...
  4. Uzuki

    Funny Dexter's Labratory episode

    Does anyone remember this episode of Dexter's lab? I remember watching it and feeling so embarrassed as a child. Watching him get dressed up as a girl and then mascarading around his neighbourhood in just his underwear (I always imagined this was a diaper :P) Then as he drops a fish in his...
  5. KittyninjaW

    Can Someone Say humility

    So, Anyways I was looking throughout my old page's I made, on fan Wikia's, and I'm gonna be honest, can someone say humility, although my fan fiction, I really want to go back to writing them. Although my one for YGO Card maker wiki, Litterly made me blush, and laugh at my past self. Here is a...
  6. DragonFire04534

    Finished The American Dragon Story: The Beginning (Part 2) by DragonFire04534

    Chapter 4 So I carried Spike to the other window to the left of the window that ate Petey. I flew into the window and went outside where the rain was pouring down, so heavy that it was hard to keep a grip on Spike, but I couldn't let him slip away so I kept my grasp tightly on him. When we...
  7. P

    Rejected submission?!? lolwut

    So I came across a funny little thing not too long ago. I was signing up for an RP community and I decided, 'what if I just wrote about myself and made /me/ my character?' So i wrote out my story, wrote my name in there -- my real name -- and filled everything out as myself. My submission was...
  8. TheOtherNinja

    Things only AB/DLs would say.

    There are some funny one-liners all over the place on this forum and that real life AB/DLs have said. Add your one-liners you have said, heard, or read. I will start it off. from my boyfriend, whom also uses an alias with ninja in the name: "my onesie smells like ninja feetsies"
  9. Sitherus

    Are you addicted to diapers?

    Okay, so I was recently Scouring the internet and i found a wikki that caught my eye. Are you addicted to diapers? To answer that Yes i am definitely addicted to diapers. After the first question I was. (I know that this wikki is hard to take seriously) How about you?
  10. tiny

    When councils turn bad... :-)

    I just had to share this... I don't want to over-sell it, but I have never laughed so hard in my life... (whilst also feeling a bit bad for the people involved)... :smile1: A couple living with their disabled daughter in a council house (social housing) finally won a legal battle to force the...
  11. Meowstic

    Really Funny/Wierd/Crazy Dream I Had

    Sorry if this is sloppy, I just woke up and minutes afterwords trying to remember details. Mods, if you think this should be moved, please do so. :thumbsup: I had this dream last night. It's wierd how long it seemed to last, and how I can actually remember the big events. So anyways, it starts...
  12. FievelandTonyAB93

    The Funniest Movie You've Ever Watched

    Somebody else had made a thread about what the worst movie you've ever watched, but nobody has made a thread about the funniest movie you've ever watched until now. I would like to ask you as said in the title of this thread, "What is the funniest movie you've ever watched in your life?". It can...
  13. Glaice

    Insane Ghost Chili Challenge Did this with friends at the annual Christmas party, which the theme was that everyone who came has to do a dare of some sort. My dare was pain, and my Italian buddy Santo took it a notch further by being a masochist and using far more sauce than was...
  14. xtrabulk

    An Embarrasing Visit to Dr

    So about a year ago, I was having prostate infections. I had gotten a few DREs, so when I went back for a follow up, I knew I'd be getting another. So, I get called back, and my doctor...and good friend...came in and closed the door. I went over to shake his hand. After that, he made chitchat...
  15. ultrapampers

    Funny Illustration on Attends Package

    I thought this was a funny image to find on the side of a package of diapers: :D
  16. TeddyBearCowboy

    Wet Diapers and Wintertime

    :laugh: OK, everyone, this is not intended to be a really serious-minded post. But a recent personal experience made me wonder if anyone else might have had a similar funny (but at the time maybe not-so-funny) experience of wintertime wearing of diapers. I recently found myself in a rather...
  17. betagame

    Funny Pictures|Pics Thread

    I would like to know if there were any funny pictures you would post here Please post links if you are not 16, yet. The rules: No Porn or any of the sort. No put downs please. just not too much violence plz. were not kiddies (in our minds we are; some of us) The innapropriate level 1-10 about a...