1. SwedishAMAZING

    Music to my ears

    The strongest drug to me is the wail of a Hammond... The soft thump of the drum.. I love the smooth scratching of the guitar, the boom of the bass. Nothing like some good Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. At the same time, I love the synth era. I love hip-hop, rap. I also enjoy listening to pop...
  2. ABCelaenasWorld

    Macaroons? Or Macarons?

    This is to help me ease up a little bit😩☺️
  3. L

    A “Littles Destination”

    First of all, I’d like to preface this by saying: PLEASE DO NOT go to this place to be an exhibitionist. There are actual children and families that patronize this establishment. USE COMMON SENSE AND DISCRETION AS A LITTLE if you plan on going here. If you do these things, I promise you...
  4. ClandestineWing


    Just for fun. I keep thinking about potential random fictions people have come up with. When I was a kid, I used to pretend Bowser's favorite fast food chain was Arby's, and that he'd regularly be eating their curly fries to satiate his (literally?) fiery stomach. Cue the "wtf Clan?" comments~...
  5. Poofybutt

    Another Date With Mommy + Any Advice?

    Hello y'all, Had a truly marvellous day with my Mommy and had to post. So, we were talking all week leading up to today and we both decided to have a fully planned baby day. Mommy got here at 8 in the morning and she just left at quarter to 7. We both had a blast. Mommy bought me a new toy...
  6. Poofybutt

    A Day With Mommy

    Greetings y'all So I just had an incredible evening. Details to follow, but a bit of set-up first. Since my late teens, I've learned to accept this side of myself, however, being an AB hasn't always been conducive to finding a SO. I have had only 2 serious girlfriends since I hit my twenties...
  7. P

    Blanket forts!?

    Im currently clearing out like half my living room to make a blanket fort out of impulse.. heh.. I have almost all my sheets, blankets, pillows, and chairs or prepared:) does anyone else find that things like this make them regress easier?
  8. Pieluchy

    Close up diapers pictures!

    Probably a lot of you like seeing close up pictures of diapers. So if you want or you are just bored take some pictures and post it here. Just for fun!
  9. BluefireJay05

    I can't believe i bought some play-doh plus a question

    just like the title says...... I bought some play-doh. the other day in wal-mart I looked and looked and could not find the right kind of toys then I see some play-doh and I picked up and purchased it. I have not had any fun with it yet I need to find a table with a smooth enough surface and...
  10. D

    New Nervous little girl

    ALOHA I new and very happy to be here and I love to make new friends and hope to meet some awesome people. I love choco milk, cookies, colouring, Disney, anime, cartoons and cosplay :-D :grouphug::smile1::biggrin::hug:
  11. CinnaSwirls

    Wearing 24/7 for a week?

    So, I've made a great introduction, and then I suddenly reply, exclusively, for all the time I've been here. After that well received introduction I hope this next thread isn't a disappointment! First thing I'll mention is, I don't exactly have a week off. I don't have any time off, in fact...
  12. KittyninjaW

    Today's my birthday!

    I am 23 today, It's hard to believe. Anyway, I am excited for my birthday because I am going out to eat at a place we like to go to today.
  13. RzHeck

    Any ps4 users?

    Anyone want to join me for a game? Username is DefterDrims. Ive got today and tomorrow off so just message me on PSN if you want to hang out.
  14. KittyninjaW

    How do I balance college and private life?

    Hello, everyone, the thing is I get stressed a lot in college and at the end of the day, all I want is just to relax, but sadly I have homework and studying to do, and it stresses me out and I have no time to enjoy anything fun.:( To be honest, This is really hard to think about, because One...
  15. MattiKins

    The world's first (and only) ageplay rock band... I think.

    So... Ummm, I kinda did this. And I'm not tooting my own horn, I just like making music and sharing it. Babby Hammer Right now there are two songs, one being a tribute to the Big Little Podcast, the other about my excitement for TeddyCon. I have more songs I'm working on that will tell more...
  16. Ian16545

    Changing time games and songs?

    Don't know if this has been talked about yet or not, but: Are there any songs you like to hear/games you like to play while having your diaper changed? Of course, there's the usual things: peek-a-boo, boop-on-your-nose, the Alphabet Song, This Little Piggy... But here's what I'd pick: Eye...
  17. C

    Fun and Safe Diapered Activities

    Hey everyone! So often, I see overeager young ABDLs searching for fun things to do in diapers. The only problem with this is that so many of the ideas they have or are given cross the line between harmless fun and harmful fun (messing at home vs messing in a train car, natural messing vs...
  18. happychef

    Favorite thing to do while diapered

    I have a found a strong liking to do certain activity's while diapered. I'm not talking sexually but rather household things along with hobbies. Like around the house I've fallen in love with going outside on my deck to water all my tomatoe plants with a diaper and T-shirt only. It gives me a...
  19. Sitherus

    Costumes for the not so ab/dl

    I was searching online recently for a set of new clothes for my roleplay environment and came across this Adult Baby Girl Costume - Candy Apple Costumes - Adult Baby Costumes I love this because its not made for us and our shenanigans or the stuff we do here, but made for the average person...
  20. P

    just for fun..

    if you need to hide your "stach" how would you do so? personally i made a hidden shelf under my dresser, and a secret compartment in a drawer any ideas, things you have done, want to do list em here!