1. Meowstic

    Lucky Aussies, wasteful 'Muricans

    Lucky Australia still gets Ford Falcons, and also get the Holden Ute which is basically a modern El Camino. The Coupe Utility (Ute) is basically a station wagon but behind the front seats is a bed. The closest we have in America is the 4-door Subaru Baja, which they stopped making in 2006. Utes...
  2. S

    Bambino: All Small sizes discontinued?

    Title pretty much explains it. For a while, the Biancos were the only ones that came in size small, but now NONE of their products come in size small. The only size-small that they have on the site are the Molicare super plus's, which also may not be there for much longer. Have they completely...