1. kik91

    The Epitome of Love Released! COVER! BONUS CONTENT! HERE!

    Mods, please forgive me for so many posts on the same thing haha. This is the final post, I swear!! So... FINALLY GUYS! The book is being released!! Amazon KDP is probably reviewing the files and should have a final release in the next two days tops!! I am going to set the paperback price as...
  2. W

    Hello Hello!

    I haven't introduced myself since signing up who knows how long ago!! I can't believe I forgot! Any who, my name is Katie and I am an abdl mostly ab. I have a daddy whom I love very much! I love cuddles and cartoons and coloring basically all childish/babyish things. Except pacis. I use them...
  3. kik91

    Babied by my Best Friend (Chronicle of the Best Week EVER!)

    Babied by my Best Friend (Chronicle of the Best Week EVER!) So, I’ve shared my story, but actually I decided to tell a bit of a chronicle of the time my best friend babied me, and how it turned to be the best week of my life. Now, this happened three years ago, but I have so many vivid memories...
  4. kik91

    The Epitome of Love: An ABDL Novella (Free Ebook for you!)

    Hi guys. So, as you probably read on my other post, I am releasing my ABDL Novella under a penname soon. The interior file designed by an editorialist is ready, all that's in progress is the cover artwork. Should be done in a week or two maybe, my artist is a bit busy. But... I am releasing...
  5. M

    New to the AB/DL community

    Hi, I'm not new to being a DL but I'm actually shy about meeting some new people in the AB/DL community. I mean I suppose its okay (as long as its safe to trust one another that is), I've never had friends who are AB/DL so this is my very first time, & I'm fixing to turn 20 soon. So is their...
  6. D

    New Nervous little girl

    ALOHA I new and very happy to be here and I love to make new friends and hope to meet some awesome people. I love choco milk, cookies, colouring, Disney, anime, cartoons and cosplay :-D :grouphug::smile1::biggrin::hug:
  7. Premetheus

    What does it really mean to have friends on ADSIC?

    Other than the obvious of letting only friends see a blog post, what does it mean to you to have a friend on ADISC? For me it's people who you can message to talk about things you would rather not blog or put into the forum. That you care about their wellbeing and share concerns. I probably am...
  8. J

    Hi everyone!

    Hey guys! you can call me Julz :), I recently made an account here on ADISC but have been lurking around here for about 8 years now. Two months ago I went to a counselor and one of the main things we would speak about is my diaper fetish. It has always been apart of me but I was never able to...
  9. C

    Konichiwa from a cure little tigeress

    Hello everyone I am Kiara. I hope you are all okay .I only joined last night when i saw the site had so much varied stuff on all diaper fetishes fandoms and sub cultures. I myself am a dl . But also a little fur and would like to triy being an lg but don't have the confidence. Id love to...
  10. kik91

    Finished Bedtime Secrets (Or "How My Best Friend Can Be A Lovable Badass Goof") (Young Justice fanfic)

    Hello everybody, I posted this Young Justice fanfic in and Archive of Our Own. Thought this would be a nice place too! All comments well received! Bedtime Secrets (Or “How My Best Friend Can Be a Lovable Badass Goof”) “Okay, Grayson, stay whelmed,” said Dick to himself as...
  11. A

    Hi from Northern Ireland ^^

    Im a diaper fur I have always loved diapers for as long as I can remember I'm shy but I wana meet other ab/dls chat and make friends =3
  12. Foxfan1992

    Friendly's New Friend - by Foxfan1992

    I've posted this story to many furry websites including FA, Weasyl and SoFurry and now I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy. It's the story of how my fursona meets his best friend, a young raccoon named Timothy. I would like some general feedback and I'll post more chapters as I go along...
  13. B

    Hi from Brisbane :)

    Hey all, I'm 21 from Brisbane in Queensland Australia. I'm just an average guy. I life a mostly normal life but I have been pooping my underwear one and off since I was 13 every now and then. Have recently tried drynites and their cool :) So, a bit about me, I'm straight, but hoping to meet...
  14. kerry

    on the nature of friendship

    In a blog response, I found myself trying to make sense of a concept that most of us probably believe we have a keen understanding of, but in my case at least I know that I do not. The questions asked were "What is friendship? and What is a friend?" Deceptively simple, these questions. I am...
  15. nerfbrony

    The Story of (Super) Diaper Girl

    This is my first story on here. Experienced writers(or readers) might notice bad habits or "techniques" in use, so feel free to comment on that. Chapter 1: Discovery In the Chicago suburb of Wheeling, IL, now 8 year old Rose was having a blast at her birthday party, playing with her friends...
  16. SicartheaSpikefan

    Sicarthea the Spike fans Introduction

    Hello ADISC my name is Sicarthea the Spike fan (SicartheaSpikefan.) I am a student ABDL living with my parents. One of my main interests is MLP..... (I assume that its welcome here, as I noticed one of the most watched threads was MLP related. If not then i will change my name and avoid MLP...
  17. Tripped

    Finished The dark day.

    Summary: Having known each other for only one year, fourteen year olds Owen Roberts and Jake Patterson had the friendship that seemed to span decades. Yet on this day, their friendship would be put to the test. Would the 'fish out of the water' and the 'loner' survive the darkest day of their...
  18. lilyshore

    A Confusing Situation

    Hi folks, I have a question regarding some troubling interactions I've been having with my non-age playing friends. I have always felt as though my little self were my true self, and that it's when I act like a grown-up that I'm just pretending, and I'm not even very good at it. Because of this...
  19. NicholasWads


    Hey I've been away awhile and I thought i'd reintroduce myself I am my username hehe and I've been into this awhile I love reading acting and participating in the Ab/dl Lifestyle, also loooking for new friends in New Zealand theyre hard to find so stop hiding hehe!
  20. TickleMonster

    Getting to know who we are with a little help from our friends!

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say how happy you've all made me! Before I joined this site, I've been a really casual AB/BF, maybe getting stuff at the store a little here and there (oh look, a paci on sale... *yoink*) but I've never really done anything to really indulge myself ^_^; Well...