1. dl122583


    Hi everyone 👋 I opened this account a while ago and kinda forgot about it but I’m back. I’m 26 work full time and of course enjoy diapers in my free time. I don’t think I’m a little but do really like the cute designs and some abdl accessories (snappies, Etc) I try to stay active and busy, so I...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Who has (an active) Twitter?

    I'm trying to decide whether or not I'm going to keep this social media account. I originally made a Twitter because I was going to make an ABDL shop (I'm still going to do that, the Twitter just kinda morphed into a personal account while other plans in life took precendence) -- but now I have...
  3. partypikachu

    Anybody in Indiana, OH, IL, or KY who wears?

    I would love to get to know more people in “local” ABDL scene around my state. There’s a brick and mortar ABDL store in Indianapolis so I know there’s ABDL folks around the area. I’d just like to chat with others about diapers, perhaps someday hangout with friends in diapers. Maybe someday! If...
  4. PetPuppyAlex

    Is this The Dream or a nightmare?

    Mornin! I come to you today with a curiosity. I'm very happy in my relationship and my partner is amazing. She absolutely adores my little/AB side. She keeps diapers stocked in the house, she's always buying me presents, surprising me with little stuff like pacis and onesies. Ever since she...
  5. EdwardTheDL1998

    Tips on telling friends about wearing diapers

    Greetings! I've been taking a month or so break from ADISC, but I am now back, and I thought I would kick my return off with some stories and tips regarding telling friends that you wear diapers. I have as of this time, voluntarily, told 6 friends about me wearing diapers. Well... 5 friends...
  6. psychonautalis

    So... I Guess This Would Be My Intro.... *heavy breathing*

    Hello all Greetings from the Netherverse, or the Nexus, or wherever from which you are. I am psychonautalis and I guess i'm just like you, here, gathering inspiration and courage to jump out into the unknown and be myself... and to find others just like me... I hope! :sweatdrop...
  7. H

    My formal introduction....

    Hello all! Long time DL, and very surprised I am just now finding this forum?? How odd of me..So, yea. I'm a Diaper Fetishist, and have been for many years now. Married, but she does not participate. Doesn't care that I do, which is better than some have it I suppose, but sure would be cool...
  8. D

    Diaper friends

    Do any of you have a bestie that wears too that you do stuff diapered with like go shopping, dinner, movies or just hang out and be little? I’d love to find a local friend who I can fully be my diapered self with. Btw I’m in Massachusetts and I have no interest in sex stuff as I’m asexual.
  9. S

    Looking For ABDL Friends

    Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone else is from Southern Ontario, I’ve been wanting to make friends with others who share a liking for wearing. I’m from around Embro, Woodstock, London and Stratford Ontario. I’m 25, so old lol but thought I’d ask and see. I live with my partner who himself...
  10. A

    Any Advice?

    My boyfriend is into abdl and while I support him wholeheartedly and love him just the same. He wants me to be a part of it too. Only problem is, is that I get what I'm calling these "anxiety attacks" whenever we start talking about me participating. I have put one on before but only for a few...
  11. B

    New here and hoping I can find some friends

    Hey everyone, well as the title states I'm new on here, I've heard a lot about this site and since I'm here laying on my floor in my fresh new diaper I figured I'd post and see what its all about. First off I'd like to share this news with someone lol, I've recently started a weight loss journey...
  12. Poofybutt

    Baby Toy Haul

    Haven't started a post in a while, but today I have reason to. A friend of mine from back in high-school, who I keep in touch with online and in person, just contacted me out of the blue a few weeks ago. She has always been aware of my AB interests and lifestyle, she was one of the first people...
  13. G

    Need abdl friends

    I am an 19-year-old female who participates in abdl and dllg. I'm currently in a relationship in a Daddy , but I wnat little girl friends to talk to.MY little age is about one. Im into: -ABDL -DDLG -Daddy Fetish -Diaper fetish Messge me on my tumblr:
  14. Neet

    Rescent Breakup

    So over the past week, my girlfriend of five years and I had just recently broke up. With the heavy presence of my OCD, things have been hard. But with a big change in relationships comes a big change in someone’s life right? I really want to accept the DL side of my life, and I’d love to have...
  15. D

    Best Diaper Memories

    Once when I was about 8 years old; I spent the night which would turn into a week with a best friend whom I did not know needed bedwetting diapers to bed. He had gone into his room to get his pajamas on and when he came back, I noticed he was very upset. He got even more upset when he set...
  16. Snaps

    Growing Up & Online Friendships.

    Hello ADISC. My goodness it's been a while. My last post was 21-Dec-2014. A lot of you won't have ever seen me before, and would have never heard of me. I was pretty active on this site as a teenager, when I was full of hormones, and working out who I was a person. Truth be told, I'm still...
  17. C


    Hi guys! call me Ip'd, I'm new to these forums but not new to being a diaper lover! (ish). I discovered my love for wearing a diaper and going whenever i wanted to about 8 months ago, after i got tired of peeing in my pants for so long (for fun not incontinence). So i am curious, how is your...
  18. D

    Mew! HELLO! :D

    I'm Dee and I'm 26 years old. Looking for male friends who like baby stuff, books, art, video games, etc. I love engaging conversations :sweatdrop:
  19. RzHeck

    Any ps4 users?

    Anyone want to join me for a game? Username is DefterDrims. Ive got today and tomorrow off so just message me on PSN if you want to hang out.
  20. RzHeck

    Hello potential friends

    Well, getting right to it I am hardworking straight male living in Boise Idaho. I love rock climbing/bouldering, cycling, reading, swimming, and generally enjoying my beautiful state. I've been interested in the AB/DL community for a long time and have been an active DL for 3 years now. My goals...