friends found out diaper

  1. C

    Finished Peeing diry/ Friends to the core (dual story!!)

    Chapter 1: Discovering diapers There I am, sitting in my apartment of 4 months on my first day off in weeks. In my free time i usually spent my time watching netflix, playing world of warcraft, and vending gray-legallity things in my town. I had saved up quite a bit of money, working 1 job and...
  2. LoudBadger

    Pretty sure my "friends" found out

    So I sortof made the mistake of leaving all my AB stuff in place that people frequent and I think my friends found it. My reason for thinking this is that they've been hinting things like asking if my other friend was my slave "Would he be in diapers?" So there's that. Also I left my baby lotion...