1. BabyLottie

    New babygirl from France

    Hi everyone, I guess with this introduction you will know everything about me, more than my family ... the magic of Internet. :educate: So I am 32 and it's been just a few weeks since I think I am actually a baby-or-very-little-girl. That's why I am here obviously.:sweatdrop: A few years ago...
  2. M

    Hi! :)

    Hello! My name is Jonathan! I'm Canadian... Threes everywhere! It's been a while I didn't post somethings or even access this website. A lot of things happened since. I think I was around 19, I just turned 22! That said I'm confident with what I am more than before. Maybe less active but still...
  3. C

    Hello fellow members of Adisc

    Greetings to you all. My name is Chris and I have very recently discovered Adisc. I am a french 29 years old men and I have been fascinated by diapers from a very early age. English is not my native language so I do apologize in advance for the many mistakes that I will likely make in the...
  4. F

    DL from Korea (south)

    Hi, it appears the site wants me to introduce myself.. SO here it is : I'm living in Seoul (but I am French), and I rediscovered my DL side a couple of years ago. Found that there was a huge community on the net, which of course made me see things under a wholly new perspective. I am fortunate...
  5. D

    Hello all

    Hello!! i'm delacruz I'm a newbie here I'm a cool french guy and still a student I'm here because when i was younger i have some bedwettings problems and i kind of developed an interest in diaper. In my spare time i like hanging out with friends, going at the movie theatre, or to an...
  6. FauvisFr

    Hi everybody ;D I'm FauvisFr !!

    Hello everyone ^ ^ My nick is Fauvis (it's always the same on tbdl forums), student of my state :) A little precision : i'm French ! I hope it's not a problem :3 (just, the english is not a big problem for me :detective3 ) If someone need help in french lessons, i can help you a bit :D I...
  7. Duo


    Hihi. I ish Duo. Ab/dl/babyfur. I'm a mouse if my profile pic didn't give it away. Diaper wise, I'm currently on a purge cycle (sad face. ) I've known about this place for awhile, this is just the first time i've sat down and made myself register and such. I like magic, writing short...
  8. jter42

    Lucky, lucky, weekend!

    Alright this happened last weekend so you know. I wasnt expecting anyone and was just lounging around the house. Then my mom said theres 2 girls at the door. So I got up, and to my surprise it was one of the girls I really liked! She asked me if I wanted to go out, so I said awsome and ran back...
  9. glassyeyedbb

    Pour les personnes qui parlent francais

    Je veut connaitre combien des personnes sur ADISC parler francais. Je suis un etudiant francais et tout le francais je connais j'ai apprendu dans ecole (desole). Pour tout les personnes qui parle francais, Quoi de neuf?
  10. D

    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hello, I'm Jo from Switzerland. I'm not wearing diapers, but I'm a babysitter. I'm a new babysitter, with short experience, but I really like it! I seen that there is some French speaker here, then: "Bonjour à tous!" Sincerely, Daddy Jo