1. Y

    A new free AB/DL Game!

    Hi all! I was making a free AB/DL Game, based around the concept of being as open-world as possible! Anything you could do in real life you can replicate in the game! Check it out here: And join the Discord here:
  2. M


    Hello My name is Mummy Grace, a professional Mummy from England - but that side of my life is not why I'm here. I'm here to say hi and tell you about an electronic newsletter I helped to create. It’s free to access and was created to help support this awesome community of ours by having...
  3. PyroMania

    Suggestion Free Diaper Samples

    So, I sent this in PM to one of the Admins before realizing that there was an outlet and likely better place to submit suggestions. I noticed that the thread - Forum>Discussions>Diaper Talk>Free Diaper Samples - seems to be a little bit outdated. While recent threads suggest using google as a...
  4. itsacurlyone

    Free Superio Samples For Aussie's is offering 2 FREE (within Australia) samples of the new Wellness Superio nappy for those that have not already taken advantage. These products are much improved to the standard nappy. Those that have already had free samples are excluded from this offer. Those wishing...
  5. K

    A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

    I've seen a lot of posts about college students specifically not being able to afford diapers. I found a way that all of us college going diaper lovers can get some essentially for free, so I thought we could all try and help each other out. It might actually work for some highschool people too...
  6. B

    How/Where to get free diaper samples?

    Hello all, as the title suggest, I'm trying to find out where to get some free diaper samples. Any link to a website that's giving away free handouts is much appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: I tried all of the links in the sticky thread but I think they are outdated.
  7. D

    Nappy Changing Rooms

    Probably going to get a load of hate for this but is it wrong to take nappies that are provided free of charge out of a nappy changing room to use later?
  8. SleepingBlueWolf

    Practicing Furry Art

    Hey everyone! :biggrin: I'm in the mood for practicing drawing again today. I still haven't drawn my own character because I feel that i'd rather draw him when I have more experience and ideas on how he should look. So anyway, if you have a character that hasn't been drawn yet (or even if they...
  9. clyde

    TF2 Uber Update + Free to Play

    Team Fortress 2, "the most fun you can have online" (~ PC Gamer) recently had an update released called the Uber update. At the same time, Team Fortress 2 became Free-to-Play. That is, you can play the game without paying any money. I think this is pretty awesome. The Uber update is pretty...
  10. Claw

    *SQUEEEEEE* Free minecraft weekend

    So, heres the deal minecraft made so many sales, that it done exploded notches website, and his retail verificiation system. And in the spirit of giving, instead of closeing minecraft down, it is now free for all, untill monday (or however long it takes to solve this problem) Just head down...
  11. Drypered

    Providers Choice sample

    In the free sample thread there is a sample here: Providers Choice ACTIVE Adult Diapers Free Sample However, I put in the form info, and then went to Step 2, then my sister walks in the room, so I closed the tab. Later I went back to the site, but putting in my form info all over again, then...