1. MullbG

    Hey all, i'm from France/Singapore looking forward to learning more about everyone! *ehem* (Motorcycles)

    Hi guys, i think i kinda messed up with my first intro previous week. I'm originally from Singapore but live in France and travel for work very often inbetween. One of my favorite things other than diapers is riding my motorcycle and exploring the countryside in France with my FPV drone. If...
  2. XLdiapers

    What is yoir biggest baby diaper finds?

    There has always been companies that have experimented with the markets and have introduced either large size 6's, size 7's, and even size 8's in their baby diaper lineups. Most companies that have done this are mostly private label brands. I am assuming they are mostly made for older...
  3. B

    French Pull Up Nappy

    Hi All Was in france the other day, I saw a nappy I didn't recognise. I believe it had a blue/green back with animals/dinosaurs on it as well as an orange line around the leg cuff, any ideas what it might have been? Someone had left it on the floor dirty in a public area. Cheers
  4. F

    Fauvis is coming !

    Hello Adiscers ! I'm a 20 years-old student. I live in France. I'm interested in meeting new people. I can chat in English, but if someone wants to speak in French it will be a pleasure - it is my mother language ^^ I consider myself as "soft-abdl". I can't live without my ABDL side, but it...
  5. K

    Wine served in baby bottles.

    Hi guys and gals not sure if anyone knew this but you might be interested to know that there is a bar in Paris called Le Refuge des Fondus that serves wine in baby bottles. Check it out pretty cool.
  6. M

    Bonjour !

    Hi everyone, I just remembered that my introduction was deleted for technical reason which is now fixed. So no one got my introduction, but here it is. I'm 24, living in Paris, and like wearing diapers. But only teen diapers like Drynites / Goodnites (or Underjams if they were available in my...