1. H

    Another Diaper lover gamer...and furry?

    Hi everyone. My friends calls me fox. Or damn fox because I get into a lot of trouble. Enough trouble that even when I had nothing to do with something I still get blamed. Suppose I might be too much of a kid at heart I guess. Recently I started accepting that I love diapers and have "little"...
  2. edgyfox

    Australian Babyfur Fox

    Hi, I'm James and just came back here as I have been away for a long time. I'm a straight, Clean Babyfur Fox just hoping to learn and try new things and hopefully make some new friends online and in real life. I'm from Country Victoria about 2 hours from Melbourne.
  3. FluffyWolfe

    Fox or Wolf - Can't Decide

    I love both animals. imo, the fox is quick and cunning and the wolf is large and powerful. I've always enjoyed watching video of both animals. When I was younger, I had stuffed animals of both, sadly don't have those anymore. I've done about 20 of those crazy "What furry are you" quizzes...
  4. Foxfan1992

    Friendly's New Friend - by Foxfan1992

    I've posted this story to many furry websites including FA, Weasyl and SoFurry and now I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy. It's the story of how my fursona meets his best friend, a young raccoon named Timothy. I would like some general feedback and I'll post more chapters as I go along...
  5. Thebabyfox


    :paci: hi I'm john fox. I'm a diaperfur and a babyfur. I'm new here so hi.
  6. MotherFaith

    Finished From Hot to Cold

    Authors notes. Thank you for reading my story. It has been a long time since I attempted a work of fiction. For many years I have been writing articles and non-fiction. This story is full of clichés and I will not deny it is rather generic. Please do not let this put you off, though, I am using...
  7. CrinkleKat

    Some of my Artwork (Please be Gentle!!)

    Diaper Art? Hey guys! I wasn't sure where exactly to post this stuff, but I figured that this was the most appropriate place. It's just some crinkle art I'd been working on (though truthfully I finished it some time ago) and figured I'd spread the wealth. Hope you guys enjoy!