1. Slomo

    Found old Abenas

    So I was cleaning out my wifes old 2011 suv and re-found and old compartment along side where her spare tire rests. In it there were 3 of my old Abena L4 diapers. We had bought her car new, and they have been sitting there ever since. These are the plastic diapers from about 8-9 years ago, from...
  2. L

    Mom found a diaper!

    So, Today I was going to a friend's to help him decorate and last night I got out two diapers (one for during the night and one for the morning). Well, This morning, I overslept and didn't have time to put the other one on. Anyway, My mom has just called me and she asked me why there was a...
  3. D

    I got found out, really freaked out right now

    So it's my turn to make one of these.. To explain my living situation i'm 18 years old and studying, living with my parents. My parents are divorced so on school days i live at my dad's and his girlfriend. So i just came home from school, and saw that the place where i hide my diapers was...
  4. LoudBadger

    Pretty sure my "friends" found out

    So I sortof made the mistake of leaving all my AB stuff in place that people frequent and I think my friends found it. My reason for thinking this is that they've been hinting things like asking if my other friend was my slave "Would he be in diapers?" So there's that. Also I left my baby lotion...
  5. Jossilyn

    Being Publicly Found Out

    Sorry but I couldn't think of a good title to describe what I mean so I apologize for the vagueness in the title. >-< Anyway I was wondering what someone would do if you got asked "Are you a(n) *bdl?" like at school, work and anywhere in public. The reason I bring this up is 1. I have a...