1. L

    New idea folks, C.O.M thread

    Hello everyone, this is an idea that I came up with a few days ago. I realize that this could either take off like a rocket, or sink like a stone; so consider this a "beta" with ample room for improvement. Without further ado, let's take a look at my idea! C.O.M Thread (Check out my_________)...
  2. tiny

    Why can't embedded YouTube videos be maximised?

    Sorry for cross-posting, but I posted this thread in the "Administrative Stuff" section and it hasn't had any replies (is that forum visible to everyone?). Anyway, I notice that you can't maximise embedded...
  3. Goodnites11

    Bug Report Can't get to the forum page

    I am able to see posts in the forum by clicking on the "Unread Posts" link, but when I click the "Forum" tab on the top bar, it redirects me to the articles page. I cannot see the list of all the forum sections, but I can still get into specific topics. Help?
  4. Kid

    Forums To Exclude From View

    Just a general note to those that exclude certain forums. I had to reset my preferences.
  5. sparkywuff

    if you didn't like the person...

    if you didn't like a particular person on the forum, would you read their threads or try to shy away from them. if a big part of the forum was participating in said thread would you participate or still stay away because you don't like the person? imo, if i didn't like a person i would...
  6. monkster

    ADISC Mobile

    I was wondering if there is a possibility that a mobile version of adisc could be made? I think it would help members who happen to have a data plan and can't get on at home much. I believe that there is a vbulliten module that accomplishes this fairily easily. (This is vb, right? Lol)...
  7. Peachy

    Should we have a "Fun and Games"-forum?

    As suggested in this thread: I'm asking everyone if we should create a subforum for "Fun and Games"? Or rather: Should the "ThreadGames"-forum be renamed "Fun and Games" and be open for other threads that...
  8. Point

    700 Posts

    Yay! 700 posts! Onwards and upwards to 1400!
  9. betagame

    Who made the 100,000th post?

    I wonder. if you have a picture, post it. if you dont give me a permalink.
  10. betagame

    more forums?

    we should have more subforums on off topic. for eXaMpLe: Hobbies media parental/lifestyle can you think of any more