forced regression

  1. ABAlex2

    The Alteration (or: I Met Her Fore More then This)

    As Sam Gregory awoke one morning from a night of fitful dreams, he found he had been transformed in his bed into a giant baby. He lay on his back and looked up to see himself in a long pair of baby blue footed pajamas, with the soft bulge of a diaper around his waist. He tried to move his arms...
  2. dogboy

    Finished The House at the End of the Road, part II

    The House at the End of the Road, Part II Chapter 9: The Dark Intruder The attic was dark with only the light of the late October moon shining through the windows, but that wasn’t entirely true. There were two small orbs of light dancing across the floor. Running would be more accurate as they...
  3. dogboy

    Finished The House at the End of the Road

    I finally finished writing my almost annual Halloween contribution to the story forum. I apologize for the length, but stories have a way of wanting to tell themselves, as if they truly exist in some other plain. This story involves diapers, forced regression and unwilling domination. If you...