forced diapering

  1. C

    Locking GF's pants with cabel tie?

    So I got this idea, and wanted to know if anyone has ever tried anything similar... I'm slowly getting my GF comfortable with wearing diapers with me at home, though she has never really used it. She actually seem to 'enjoy' wearing them, though it is purely something I have introduced. As she...
  2. L

    The Drought

    Andi and Brenda Jones drove up to their new home, excited to begin their new life in a new town. The town wasn’t just new to them, but new to everyone. Williamsburg was designed with the latest high-tech in every aspect, and the first residents had moved in less than a year earlier. Each home...
  3. ABAlex2

    The Carelsonton Cuddle Club

    Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building. That building was a tall steel and...
  4. dogboy

    Finished The House at the End of the Road, part II

    The House at the End of the Road, Part II Chapter 9: The Dark Intruder The attic was dark with only the light of the late October moon shining through the windows, but that wasn’t entirely true. There were two small orbs of light dancing across the floor. Running would be more accurate as they...
  5. dogboy

    Finished Coffee Stop

    I wrote "Coffee Stop" three years ago for this site and I thought I'd re-post it since all the old stories were removed. I usually submit a scary story for Halloween. I've been working on a new story, but that got back burnered when my wife went into the hospital. I had hoped to get it finished...
  6. S

    saying hi!

    hi, my name is steven, but i prefer stephy. im a 26y old submissive sissybaby. im looking for some people to chat with, share some stories etc etc. i'm from belgium, if there are people here who live near me, pls dont hesitate to contact me... you'll never know what happens kisses stephy
  7. ABAlex2

    Loser's Fate, Chapter 1

    The game advanced along steadily. Each player move their pieces with extreme caution and precise judgment. There could be no mistakes, no play backs. It was this weeks bet, after all. "Well I think SOMEONES underestimated their opponent" Sarah smiled as she moved a knight forward. She was a...
  8. L

    being forced to keep on track with dl

    hi i am new to the diaper wearing i been wearing for a few weeks and it s hard i can where all mos t every night like i want to. but i am looking for as much help form the community as i can get to keep me on track with wherein them. i want would like to be forced to meet my goals if i get off...
  9. Babygirl1412

    Unsuspecting Times

    Unsuspecting Times by Ellie Currently: Work in Progress Note(s): So this is my first ever public story with little/ab factors and I hope I didn't do a terrible job. It's a bit more non-con then I expected, but it'll wheedle down to dub-con though I can't say it'd ever be full blown consensual...