footy pajamas

  1. FluffyJammies

    Footed Jammies making a MASSIVE comeback?!

    Walmart, Target, Kohls, K-Mart, Sears, Nordstrom and Macy's... All have massive selections of footed jammies in stock in both the mens and womans sections... Then when we get to australia (recently moved here) and i'm finding a TON of onsies in stock out here as well... Could it finally be true...
  2. pipsqueak

    Footed Anyone order from this site before? What's the quality like and do they run big or small?
  3. SeanPalladino

    Snug as a Bug Embarrassing Contest

    Snug as a Bug, a footed sleeper company that caters to the whole family, is having an embarrassing contest to find the most silliest family in America. They are asking for videos showing a whole family wearing footy pajamas out in public doing funny things. And the prize for the winner? $1000...