1. Angellothefox

    The joys and magic to wearing onesies

    Some of you are adult babies. Some of you are diaper lovers. Some of you are littles. Some are babyfurs. Others are diaperfurs. Kidfurs and all of the above. They is no denaying that onesies are nice. weather your a baby or you are a diaper lover at just wants to try something new. So pull up...
  2. xtrabulk

    Being told to put on a diaper

    Several times since coming out to my very understanding wife, she has told me, or suggested strongly, that I put on a diaper. The first time was when I was stressing out badly about a work issue. She said, "You're just stressed and sad, honey. Why don't you put on a diaper?" The thing is, at...
  3. Zebben

    Land's End up to size 20!!

    Hello! Just wanted to inform people that winter is coming and that Land's End are selling sleepers up to size 20 this year! Used to be like 14/16 before. I just ordered mine. These sleepers should fit people up to about...
  4. DLScottsman

    Nick and Nora footed sleepers

    Target now has Nick and Nora footed sleepers in stock online and in stores again. Of this year's batch i want the sharkies.