1. D

    Footed pjs back at target

    I stopped by target in Allentown, Pa and noticed they had footed pjs in men, womens, boys, and girls. I don't know sizes on any of them, designs on men's, women's, and boys seem the same as last year, girls are from monster high. I mostly have bought mine from jumpin jammerz
  2. DaddysToxxicBabyGirl


    Who doesn't love Pjs? We all know about the basic sites that sell footie pajamas. However, I have yet to see this site mentioned. Hoodie-Footie (TM), The Official Hoodie-Footie, Hoodie Footie Pajamas for Adults | PajamaGram They're just as expensive as everywhere else. But a vanilla friend...
  3. kazekitty

    hot topic footies

    so I just got an adorable hello kitty footies from hot topic. they carry adult sized footies at least for now. my boyfriend doesn't know about my AB side but thinks I look adorable in the footies. I'm kinda slowly easing my AB side in. nothing but this right now, anything else and I will have to...