footie pjs

  1. TabulaRasa2017

    New milestone - wore my first footie pjs with diaper!

    My posts since joining ADISC have been about self-acceptance and therapy. I decided I need to take the next step and just post about something fun. Well, who else can I share this with that would really get it if not all of you? :smile1: So, I bought my first footie pjs as an adult. I hadn't...
  2. Selenamisia

    Thinking about getting footie pj's

    I've never bought footie pj's before so I was wondering where I could find some with a reasonable price. If you have any footie pj's that you love, feel free to share where you got them and why you love them. ^-^
  3. kashi

    Batman Footie Pajama's

    So I have wanted to find Batman Footie Pj's for awhile now. When I was young I had a set and I loved them. I found a picture of ones for toddlers which I'll attach as reference. Any help would be lovely.