footie pajamas

  1. TabulaRasa2017

    New milestone - wore my first footie pjs with diaper!

    My posts since joining ADISC have been about self-acceptance and therapy. I decided I need to take the next step and just post about something fun. Well, who else can I share this with that would really get it if not all of you? :smile1: So, I bought my first footie pjs as an adult. I hadn't...
  2. liltigerpaw

    Doubled up footed pjs

    Kinda wondering, anyone else enjoy on cold days or nights, doubling up / wearing two pairs of footed pajamas? In my house, we keep it quite cool during the fall/winter months to save on heating bills. So to keep warm and comfy I love wearing two pairs of footed pajamas at the same time.
  3. NatetheDragon


    Hi, I'm NatetheDragon. I'm an animator and hope to work on movies whether in animation or special effects. I found ADISC because I have an interest in wearing diapers, onesies, and footie pajamas. I don't particularly feel the need to be treated like a baby however. I'm really into playing...
  4. kashi

    Batman Footie Pajama's

    So I have wanted to find Batman Footie Pj's for awhile now. When I was young I had a set and I loved them. I found a picture of ones for toddlers which I'll attach as reference. Any help would be lovely.
  5. Frogsy

    Finished The Ryan and Dorie Story

    Thanks for your support and help in writing my first shared story. I've made some changes to help with the early pacing (my personal biggest gripe) and added some further character development. Hopefully this will address some of the constructive criticism I have received on the early chapters...
  6. pajamakitten

    Next All in One plus a Primark comparison

    So for us lucky Brits Next have started selling All in ones as well, note the term All in one as unlike Primark these pajamas do not have attached feet but we’ll cover that later. Having noticed these in their latest catalogue I snapped up the opportunity to get a pair and am now putting my...