footed sleeper

  1. ThaChuckstar

    What I am wearing to bed tonight.

    I'm wearing my footed sleeper.
  2. nites

    New AB/DL Inspired Subscription Box!

    Hi Everyone! I'm excited to announce a new business designed for the AB/DL community! Crinkle Crate is a brand new business catering specifically to the AB/DL community. Each month a "themed" box of 4-7 hand curated items will be shipped directly to your door. Items that might be in the box...
  3. wwetbed

    Hillarious Footy Sleeper Video! (view it and comment about it!)

    click the blue hyperlink below after watching for 4 minutes, please comment on your reaction! I ROCK ONESIES!!! (COMEDY RAP) OFFICIAL VIDEO! - YouTube
  4. BernardFx

    I'm getting a sleeper, need advice.

    I'm getting a footed sleeper from the All In One Company:D, and I just need suggestions on what to get. I heard they were good quality, and they have lots of material. The reason I posted it in the babyfur section was, well, I can't decide between getting a fox one or a wolf one. Any...