footed pajamas

  1. P

    Unexpected embarrassment in front of a woman

    Here’s an episode happened to me last winter. I’m a chronic bed wetter and although I’m not an AB nor DL I’m used to wear selected pieces of clothing as “technical clothing”. It was a Saturday morning, home from work, and I slept the night wearing a blue Privatina sport deluxe footed pajama, a...
  2. liltigerpaw

    Doubled up footed pjs

    Kinda wondering, anyone else enjoy on cold days or nights, doubling up / wearing two pairs of footed pajamas? In my house, we keep it quite cool during the fall/winter months to save on heating bills. So to keep warm and comfy I love wearing two pairs of footed pajamas at the same time.
  3. BabyKai

    How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

    I've said on my last (and first) post (yes, I'm a newbie) that I'm disabled and live with my parents. It makes it easier to have baby things right out the open without them questioning me. I've never had to hide it and, for those of you who have to, how do you do it? Does it cause a lot of...
  4. Selenamisia

    Thinking about getting footie pj's

    I've never bought footie pj's before so I was wondering where I could find some with a reasonable price. If you have any footie pj's that you love, feel free to share where you got them and why you love them. ^-^
  5. P


    Hello, I am new to this forum and decided I should introduce myself. My name is Nicholas. I love wearing diapers but perfer the baby diapers because of the look and smell. Pampers seems to be my favorite design. Altough sadly its hard for me to fit in baby diapers anymore. Blanket sleepers are...
  6. pajamalover

    I am new here and wanting to say helle

    Hi I am Pajama lover As you can guess from my user name I am a lover of pajamas I have been wearing footed pajamas since before they where trendy. lol I am a self employed cabinet maker I have a small shop and make furniture, kitchen cabinets and generally any custom millwork that comes my...
  7. Zebben

    Land's end footed pajamas fit!

    So a week ago I decided to order this: Boys' Fleece Zip-front Sleeper from Lands' End In size L (14/16). I had heard that the Land's end pajamas were smaller than the Cherokee or Circo ones. When I opened the package I couldn't believe how long they were :smile1: They were even longer than...
  8. FievelandTonyAB93

    I'm afraid I cannot spend my birthday in diapers or even babyish clothing.

    My birthday is coming up this Saturday and I'm already finishing off my first semester in college. So that means I cannot rely on getting more diapers and/or even buy babyish clothing like a pair of footed pajamas or a pacifier until sometime after my birthday. I just don't have enough time for...
  9. coboy

    friendly footies

    I just got my first pair of footed pajamas and I am so very excited. The past two nights have been the most comfortable night sleep I have ever had, I have AC that I have been turning up a bit higher :o Unfortunately i cant really wear them outside of my bedroom because of my roommates. In...