1. KimiWL

    Anime, Video Game and Sports fan from Germany

    Hello everyone, first sorry, if my English isn't that good. I am Kimi and I live in Germany. My desire for diapers began when I was a little kid (little bit later after my regular diaper time). After a long time of several inner crises I started to research about it in last spring and found...
  2. Hotdog55

    Super Bowl

    Who do you want? As a Giants fan I don't have a dog in this fight, but I think it would be nice for the Falcons to win their first championship, plus I get tired of the same team always winning so if the patriots lose I'm fine with that. I know there's some patriots fans on here, any Falcons...
  3. MellowYellow

    Salutations! AB/DLs

    Hello this is my first post and I'd love to introduce myself to the community. First offid like to thank all the viewers that checked this post I am humbled by the time taken to put the research in. I am student of the game of curling (with brooms and rocks) I am also an avid gamer. The games...
  4. A

    Brazil 2014 Football World Cup

    While waiting for England v Italy to start... Anyone here following the football (soccer) world cup? (I'm surprised that I haven't found a thread on that yet, especially given the insanely high media coverage it gets, at least here in the UK) Which team do you support? Which team(s) other...
  5. MrMcAwesome

    SA World Cup 2010

    ok well i havent seen a thread like this yet, but then i could have missed it anyway if there is already one i appologise. Anyway who do you all think will win the world cup? At the moment i think spain are the favourites but i think argentina have a good chance specially if tevez is on form...
  6. Coyote_Howl

    Champions League Final

    Anyone going to be watching tomorrow? and if so who are you rooting for? I personally cannot wait for this game and of the two teams I would love to see Die Bayern take it. Granted if Inter won I wouldn't be too upset by it either (as long as Chelsea, Man Utd, or Real Madrid don't win it, I'm...
  7. pajamakitten

    2009-10 Premier League

    So with 3 weeks left the 2009-10 Premier league is almost over but there are 3 teams that still have a chance of winning. Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Chelsea are top of the table on 77 pts, Man Utd are second with 76 pts and Arsenal are third with 71 pts but have played one fewer...
  8. Shredder92

    Football (soccer) should they make a european league?

    Now, This week a question of whether a 'super League' of the 60 top teams In europe should be made. This would take the teams out of many of the existing leagues, such as The Premiership, La Liga etc. My question is, Do you think this should happen? I think that it probably won't go forward...
  9. fuctifano


    I'm a big football fan. When I say football, I mean soccer. Anyone else a fan? If so, which team do you support/follow? I'm a supporter of Celtic Football Club based in Glasgow.
  10. EvaIlyxtra

    Super Bowl XLIII

    It is that time of tha year again. One of my favorite days of tha year, tha super bowl! This year it involves two very distinguishing teams: the Pittsburgh Steelers (afc champs) and the Arizona Cardinals (NFC champs). Here is a bit more info about these teams. Pittsburgh Steelers: the steelers...