1. psychonautalis

    Foods and/or Laxitives To Ingest for Heavy Messing

    What is your experience with laxitives and/or foods that make for a heavy messing experience ? Ones that are natural if possible!! I wanna know how to evacuate EVERYTHING
  2. michaelmc

    Whats your favourit sweeties

    Im sat eating my way through 6 Cadbury cream eggs my favourit chocy!!! whats your favourite sweeties?:smile1: Its also my childhood favourite! well that and Wagon wheels!,Dolly mixtures,liquorish Allsorts,Terry chocolate Orange.............
  3. Jossilyn

    Odd Snack Foods

    Who else here has snack foods that they LOVE but people may look at you oddly for munching on them? I adore plain lettuce and snap peas. I like that they have a cool crisp taste and that they are crunchy. <3 I always get weird looks in my family for just eating lettuce though. They always say...