1. Pramrider

    Say "Cheese"

    No, not planning on snapping a pic of you.:D Just wondering if anyone else on ADISC craves cheese by itself and/or food dishes made with cheese. I love aged Swiss cheese on saltine crackers and munch on them as a late night snack with some red wine, as I've mentioned on other threads. Really...
  2. BabyMullet

    Last Meal

    What the title says, if you had only one chance left to eat a meal, what would you eat? Any reason why you picked this food? Myself. A fresh loaf of bread, some butter, and a chocolate milkshake, the biggest one I can find.
  3. E

    Great news if you're American

    As I'm sure all us Americans are well aware of, we've been the butt of the world's fat jokes for quite awhile now. Well, great news! We're no longer the fattest country in the world! That title now belongs to Australia who managed to beat our 25% obesity rate by 1%. Australia World's Most Obese...