1. Angellothefox

    Finished Fluttershy Flutter scared

    Fluttershy Flutter scare Um.. Hi I am a not really good at telling stories please do not be mad! Squeak So um a… I best start at the beginning my name is fl….. my name is f….. fluttershy And this is my story. I woke up and it was a buitiful morning the best in Ponyville so far. Everything...
  2. B

    MLPFIM: A soft night --EDITED!!!

    First uploaded on fimfiction as JAMES E PERKINS-Rejected:thumbdown: Uploaded to Ponyville.co as Adagio Quietfoal-Accepted:hugs: Edited by request by Quantum Flash:cuddle: The sun was just starting to set on Canterlot as the evening came to a soft beginning, shading the sidewalk and the grass...