1. LennyFace

    Wetting VS Flooding

    I'm curious to know what's the line that distincts a slow wetting to a regular wetting to flooding? Are floodings done forcefully or are floodings wetting with a full blatter? And is a slow wetting basically starting and stopping a regular wetting? Sorry if this is kinda confusing at first...
  2. T

    Least Capacity Diaper?

    Hi there. I'm fairly new to this forum but no stranger to soiling and wetting myself and my girlfriend as well. We want to try out some fun with PVC Pants and Diapers by seeing how hard we can flood our diapers, so I'm trying to find the thinnest, most leakable, cheapest, and least capacity...
  3. T

    What (do you think) is the best diaper for flooding?

    I am wondering what you best diaper is for flooding. I have never been able to try a diaper made for the ABDL market, but I have had some Tena Super's in the past. Maybe it's just because of my size but they were able to take two good floods before it just became uncomfortable to wear. Note...
  4. Cthulhu

    Leaking while laying on my back (male)

    I slept (or at least tried to) in diapers for the first time a couple days ago:) Even though it was pointing straight down, some of the pee went up and down the sides of the diaper (at the wings(?)) and then out the back, if i wet fast enough. Luckily i had a pad under the sheet. I've...