1. perlFerret

    Quick advice: 4 hour plane trip, Dry 24/7 or Bellissimo?

    I'm going to be taking a 4 hour plane ride in a week. I have a choice between Dry 24/7 and Bambino Bellissimo. I intend to change right before and right after the flight. So taking into account all the factors (not just absorbency but also swelling, structural integrity after 4 hours of...
  2. tomviper000

    Best Diaper for Long Flights?

    I have tried flying in diapers several times. I know I've tried a tena slip maxi, ATN, and molicare, maybe some others. I don't remember ever being in one that didn't get a little uncomfortable due to wadding up or whatnot, after awhile of sitting fairly stationary for a long time...
  3. M

    Effect of booster on odor

    Hey all, I just managed to take a 6 hour flight in an abena m4 and made it ok, but was pretty darn damp near the end. I thought I was going to leak. I have to make the reverse trip back tomorrow as I'm just here on overnight business. All I have left now is a molicare super plus that I'm...