1. PaciL0ver

    Have you ever tried to sit in the child seat of a shopping cart?

    Have you ever tried to sit in the child seat of a shopping cart? It seems that it is big enough for some older children and adults. I weigh 126 pounds and I am 5 feet and 6 inches tall. I have not tried it yet.
  2. K

    Tightest/snuggest Diaper?

    What is the tightest or snuggest diaper you've used? I'm looking for one that fits to the body really well and isn't too thick. I was thinking good nights for a pull on style diaper, but are there any with tapes like this? I want one where the padding is up against your skin in the crotch, not...
  3. Zebben

    Land's end footed pajamas fit!

    So a week ago I decided to order this: Boys' Fleece Zip-front Sleeper from Lands' End In size L (14/16). I had heard that the Land's end pajamas were smaller than the Cherokee or Circo ones. When I opened the package I couldn't believe how long they were :smile1: They were even longer than...
  4. D

    What Are The Perfect Baby Diapers For Me?

    I am 128 pounds and I'm a 30-40 inch waist. I am skinny though. I was thinking about buying: Pampers Crusers size 7 (because of it's "super stretchy sides") Parent's Choice size 6 or Fisher-Price Happy Days Size 6 (because they're cheap) Huggies Baby-Shaped or Supreme Size 6 Luvs size 6 Huggies...
  5. Indianajones

    Nappies and Waist sizes (UK)

    Hello Kiddos! I'm considering getting some nappies, again, and I have questions about waist sizes. I am a 31" waist, and have previously had trouble with getting nappies to fit me :wallbash:. I've researched the diaper-tape extenders, but I was wondering whether it would be better if I was to...
  6. D

    Odd motivation?

    So I'm thinking of starting to work out and lose some weight starting this spring. I'm not obese or anything(6', 33"~34" waist) but other than for my health I'd just really like to fit into a Goodnite. I just find the full padding front to back pull-up with prints to be very appealing but I'm...
  7. C

    What types of non-adult diapers would fit me?

    Hey, so I have like 30-32 inch waist, I'm 5'10" and weigh 155. I have a very athletic build as well, though I'm definitely not as skinny as I was running cross country in high school. For those of you who wear goodnights, drynights, pampers 7, or other similar diapers, would they fit me? Which...
  8. T

    will they fit?

    I'm thinking of buying size L/XL goodnites. This will be my first time buying by the way. i have a 31in waist. So do any of you think they will fit me?
  9. NikonFilmPhotog

    Proper Fitting Of A Diaper

    I have purchased both medium and large from Bambino and wanted to get an opinion on what size I should order now. I'm a waist size 38 and the mediums fit tight and cut into my legs which is slightly painful in the groin are due to my large butt. When I put the mediums on 1-2 tapes will stretch...
  10. anotherpuppy

    Pup needs help! CVS sizing?

    Mrp! This is my big debut here, I guess! :tailswish: Pup has been trying to search existing posts but thinks "CVS" is too short a keyword and causing much fail. :sad: Pup would like to pick up some CVS "Men's Underwear Super Plus Absorbency" and CVS "Day & Night Adjustable Underwear" [or...
  11. Pramrider

    I'm Sooo Jealous...

    Just happened across this Youtube video: YouTube - big baby You might want to view it muted or volume down because it looks like the girls might be loud. Trying to figure how she did it. These newer style walkers are the only baby walkers I've never been able to fit into. :frown: Though older...
  12. Pramrider

    What Do You Look For Most In a Diaper?

    For active users, of course you want a good fit and absorbency you can have confidence in to not have leaks. Others, who just like the feel of wearing, but not interested that much in using them could look for something else when picking a diaper brand. Then there's also preferences in...
  13. Pramrider

    Trying Out Pampers Underjams

    Did my first successful wearing today not long after part of the family left for VA. I didn't realize it until I tore open the package, I had gotten the girls Underjams by accident with alternating purple and white UJs having a little red heart in the front.:rolleyes: Oh well, they are cute...
  14. Pramrider

    The Mind of an AB

    Amazes me sometimes how easily my mind can drift to the AB side. This evening I made an innocent enough stop at a Taco Bell to get soft tacos to take home for supper. It was pretty empty in the place, and I was the only customer waiting. Over by the counter where the trays of sauce packets were...