first diaper

  1. TheGoldenSaint

    Post Potty Training Diaper Memory

    What's your earliest post potty training diaper memory? Here's mine: I was probably 3 or 4 so about 20 years ago. I was sitting at a plastic little tykes picnic table. I looked over and saw a diaper laying on the ground that belonged to my cousin by marriage that is 2 years younger than me. It...
  2. G

    What did you do when you where young for diapers?

    For me it started at a young age finding some pull ups that belonged to my sister, under the bathroom counter. I would just put them on and wait around in the bathroom for a while and hide it somewhere. That was the very start, after somebody threw them away I was left without them for many...
  3. U

    Got my first Diapers!!!

    I think they are a little big but it’s ok, I only bought a sample pack with two so in case I don’t like it it wouldn’t be a huge waste. Is there a way to make them quiet? I live with my mother and I would like her not to know about it.
  4. S

    Finally did it :D

    i finally gathered the courage to go and buy diapers! it was kinda emberassing i went in go to the seller and when i wanted to talk i was just stuttering but luckily she understood what i wanted and for my suprise she was fully mutrual to it...(i guess its her job so...yes...) . I rushed home...
  5. L

    Diaper help/troubleshooting

    Today was my first time trying diapers, I got a Rearz sample pack from Amazon as a tester. I have some questions. Any help or input would be appreciated, I really am at a loss here. My Daddy and I are LDR right now (for school) as well, so he cannot help me much, plus he isn't the most...
  6. BabyPrincessMimi

    Upsetting first time wearing an adult diaper

    So I'm new here and I have no idea how to write this or if my Daddy is going to be mad that I did. But I feel like I need to get it out. Is that so bad? I wore a diaper for the first time last night and to be honest I enjoyed the experience. But later that night I told my Daddy about it and...
  7. S

    My first experience wearing adult diapers

    Hey there, this is my personal follow-up to my previous thread, where I was asked to share my experience after trying diapers for the first time (not counting my early childhood, of course). My diaper package arrived at Thursday and the following day I could go home earlier, so I wanted to use...
  8. Xzanza

    First Time Really Wearing

    So, this past Wednesday, I ordered a 40 pack of diapers from ABU and they arrived today, before I left to run errands. As I am writing this, it has been about 10 minutes since I put my first diaper on. I thought about it all day and I had those butterflies in my tummy. I just HAD to strip down...
  9. Y

    I'm the girlfriend of a DL

    I posted my confession almost 2 weeks ago now (copied and pasted right at the bottom if you missed it. My girlfriend really wanted to share her side of things which I only just read 5 minutes ago myself. She wanted me to post it straight away so here you go: I'm the girlfriend.... So, you've...
  10. HuntM555

    Libero or Drynites?

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm thinking of buying some diapers for the first time. I've nailed it down to Libero SleepTight 10 or DryNites Boys 8-15. At the moment I just want to see what it's like and then I might buy some others. So what do you think I should get? Libero or DryNites...
  11. BayB8

    Waiting For UPS

    I'm sitting here on the site and playing some Counter Strike, every once and a while looking out side.. Today is the day that I have been waiting for!! I have always wanted to buy adult diapers, good ones, that aren't pull up like the depends I have now. I ordered some from Bambino and they are...
  12. mewte

    First time

    A few weeks ago, I finally decided that i'd quit beating around the bush and buy myself some diapers to try online! Its very hard for me to buy little things given my situation, so something like this was very stressful to think about it no matter how much I wanted to. But after some...
  13. D

    What should be my first diaper?

    Hey guys been wanting to wear (not 24/7) for awhile and might have the chance soon... not sure what i should try first...if you need any more info go ahead and ask.
  14. A

    First-time female DL here.

    Hey everyone. I have almost always had a quiet appreciation for diapers and a secret longing to be diapered myself, but I have always managed to push this aside and lie to myself about it due to shame and self-disgust. Well, for some reason the urge increased randomly and suddenly this week to...
  15. C

    Story Time ( How did YOU get the chance to start wearing again )

    So this is my first thread I'm hope to hear back from some of you ... I love Stories lol :smile1: but here's mine ... So as long as I can remember I've been out of diapers, but I've always had an interest in them ... I think I was out of them before 2, my parents did a good job but I had some...
  16. R

    Wearing for a Friend

    I recently started sleeping with a friend of mine on a strictly friends-with-benefits basis. After a few weeks the topic of sexual fantasies came up and we started talking about our experiences, things that we secretly wanted to try and our fetishes. He dared me to try and guess what his fetish...
  17. WizardDetective

    My first Diaper Adventures!

    I bought my first diapers(a few months ago), and on my third pack. I want to summerize some of the diaper adventures I had. First day with a diaper, put one od shirst n and went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Baggy pants and shirt as always. Also, whent to Wal-mart and just walked around untill...
  18. Anonimousdl

    ordered my first diaper

    I just ordered my first diaper it comes in discreet packaging so my parents wont think anything of it if they ask what it is ,i'll say it just something i ordered or won any way theyre not around when the post comes , i hope it comes on a week day
  19. paciboy

    My first diaper!!!!

    I knew i was a teen baby since i was 14, but i never had the opportunity to get a diaper until today. I just turned 18 yesterday, so its been 4 years. anyway, today my whole family went out shopping exept me, cuz i had to work, so they left me my dads car so i could drive home. As soon as i...