first diaper nervous

  1. U

    Got my first Diapers!!!

    I think they are a little big but it’s ok, I only bought a sample pack with two so in case I don’t like it it wouldn’t be a huge waste. Is there a way to make them quiet? I live with my mother and I would like her not to know about it.
  2. Kingllama

    Told my girlfriend about loving diapers

    So I finially told my girlfriend lastnight about me loving diapers, we sat up all night till around 4am discussing it etc and she took it brilliantly, offered to join in with me, offered to diaper me and change me, let me diaper her and change. Tonight is the first time il be wearing around her...
  3. E

    Best Diaper for a Beginner...?

    So, I'm sure there are plenty of posts asking about which diaper is your favorite but what would anyone recomend for a noob? I haven't worn any yet, so I don't know very much about what I like... here are my suspicions: -I only want to do #1 to start... I'm not even sure I will like that. :\...