1. Lutero

    Web Browser Ultimate Comparison-athon thingy!

    Alright guys and gals; kitties and pups! I've long said I will do this; but I'm going to start a poll for Web browser preferences and in a few weeks I will begin writing a blog to make comparisions of the top four browsers. During the down time; I encourage you to discuss why you like such...
  2. DA360

    What browser do you use?

    What browser do you use for your everyday browsing? I did use Google Chrome for day-to-day browsing and Firefox 3.0 for my work related sites but now with Firefox 4 coming out and me having lockup issues with Chrome, I am starting to go back to Firefox as a full-time browser. I also use an iPad...
  3. waslost1234abc

    for firefox users....what are your favorite themes/personas

    one of the many cool things about firefox i have found that i love is the ability to personalize it with themes also called personas.....the one i like right now is kind of a futuristic teal blue.....cant remember what its called but its a top theme right now.....any how for those who like...