1. nightfox320

    Calling all flow artists and fire bugs!!!

    One of my many favorite pastimes is spinning poi and messing around with my fire staff. Just curious how many other on here are into it. Feel free to post pictures of you art if you want once I move to my of I will post some of mine.
  2. nightfox320

    A Fire Performers Paci

    So if yall didn't know I'm poi addict. I picked up spinning during high school and I have had a blast ever since. As a result I have gobs of extra poi parts laying around. My biggest problem with my paci is when I loose it in the morning. Not only is it a pain to search for but since I live in...
  3. Sitherus

    Do you sleep in just a diaper, or nude?

    I bought a cloth diaper just to feel comfortable in it and like me to feel happy. I wear it to sleep every night no pants no shirt. I was thinking if there was a fire or the alarm went off or if for some reason you had to run of of the house.would you take to time to put on pants and burn to...
  4. P

    I'm back after a long time

    Hello all, I'm sure you'll get to know me better soon... For now though I guess I better make some sort if introduction... I mean, heck I can't even view my own profile in my lurker state, so time to shed my status. I never really fit known last time and will likely be a little more active...
  5. Altric

    4 Furs Now Homeless (including 2 ADISC members)

    If we are not allowed to post things like this, I am sorry, but this also deals with at least 2 ADISC members who are now homeless. 4 Pittsburgh furs are now homeless. Thrashbear, fire_lupine, firefoxbc, and landis_mclovin are the 4 furs affected. The house next to the one they were renting...
  6. R

    What happens when you smoke, wear nappies and is placed into an oxygen rich enviroment

    I saw this video on youtube while looking at Dr. Bunhead video clips. I have no idea why they included the nappy. But, they tend to to weird stuff like that. diaper science fire oxygen YouTube - Brainiac - Dr. Bunhead collection 1 <-- it is only for the first clip really. However, the lamp...