1. paciboy

    How did you find your mommy/daddy?

    hey all, lately i've been thinking about trying to find a mommy or daddy either in real life or just on the internet. I never tried before because i feel as tho its pretty near impossible to find a mommy, and daddys must be hard to find too. So basically, for those who have online or real...
  2. ArtikSnow

    Complete Diaper Guide By TailsZelin

    Complete Diaper Guide: Throughout my child hood I would always try to find ways to deal with diapers without my parents knowing. Overtime I gained knowledge on how to do so even down to the smell of them and this has helped me hide them for all these years and my parents never found out about...
  3. C

    Finding a Parent or Playmate

    Well, this is completely out of the blue for those who hang out here often. I've lurked here once in a while when I find the time, but that's a whole other story. Basically, I'm no longer living with my family because of so many reasons that I can't count them with my fingers and toes. But that...
  4. Blacksmith

    Got to Love Thrift Stores

    Hi all so today I went to a thrift store in my area to look for diapers (why not) and went to the shelf were they put the diapers, there was nothing there save for a few pull-ups, pads, and a partial pack of tranquilty slimline cloth-like. Disappointed I wandered the store seeing what else they...
  5. Blacksmith

    Great find today

    today I went to a thrift store and about 6 packs of 10 Tranquilty slimline diapers for $2.00 Can. unfortunaly they were size youth 18-26" waist and I have a waist size 38-40" so I left them there,:( if they fit I would of bought them all:)
  6. Romans58

    Spotting an AB/DL

    I'm on a mission to use Holmesian deduction to find other DL's. As easy as it would be to try to find a local DL online (which actually isn't always that easy) I personally would prefer to meet/find another DL in person. I did an extremely simple and unprofessional survey (I went "facebook...