1. michaelmc

    Kids films/animations

    Whats your favourit kids film or animation? So many to choose from, i like "Rugrats movie" still funny but so many others its hard to choose or list!:dunno:
  2. Z

    Resource list

    ABDL Community Directory Table of Contents Educational Resources Media Spokespersons Events Forums Vloggers First Person Perspective Friends & Partners Foreign Language Podcasters Authors . Educational resources Understanding Infantilism ADISC Infantilism Commentary on the AB/DL Gender...
  3. Charlie

    Movies with subtitles

    Okay to start with, we have a poll! By "films with less emphasis on dialogue" I am talking about things like martial art films or something similar. Films where you could happily watch them without subtitles; it's not very important to the film (in your opinion). The poll is just an...