1. L

    not entirely sure what I'm doing, but eh

    Hi! I'm a university film student, and obviously I'm kind of new here. I actually made this account a few weeks ago but was too nervous to post anything, but I guess I came back (for better or for worse). Like everyone else here, I like diapers. I've never worn one though, and I'm not really...
  2. R

    Movies, Favorites or Genre

    I am movie buff, go to at least 1 a week. Now that I am older, not necessarily. wiser, I really like the independent films, blocbuzters are ok sometimes. I saw Whiplash last week went home and preordered it at amazon, a poweeful movie. I love musicals, spagetti westerns, Bond. and WW2 films...
  3. tiny

    New group: documentaries online!

    I just thought I'd let you all know about a new group I've just set up for educational documentaries (as opposed to the fly-on-the-wall variety) that are available to watch online. I love seeing a new documentary that opens my mind and teaches me something new. So, if you've seen a good...
  4. FievelandTonyAB93

    The Funniest Movie You've Ever Watched

    Somebody else had made a thread about what the worst movie you've ever watched, but nobody has made a thread about the funniest movie you've ever watched until now. I would like to ask you as said in the title of this thread, "What is the funniest movie you've ever watched in your life?". It can...
  5. Altric

    Privately Owned Movie Theaters Instead of National Chain Theaters

    I love privately owned movie theaters. Which isn't to say that I don't go to the national chains for a first-run film, but privately-owned theaters generally offer a more enjoyable viewing experience for me. I go to one just outside of Pittsburgh called The Hollywood just about every week to...