1. TabulaRasa2017

    First experience at an ABDL event - like a first kiss

    Hello my little friends, I've recently been to my first ABDL/littles event and met some wonderful people in real life. I'm going to describe a few things briefly and vaguely because it was a special experience for me and I shared some intimate things with others that are best kept private. But...
  2. Angellothefox

    Why can't I accsess these sites?

    Inkbunny is sort of working but I can not seem to see any pictures the come up with a little x in a box when I view them. e621 I can not accsess due to it telling me problem loading page. Fetlife is the same but I swear I was able to accsess it once. It was when I was considering about...
  3. plasticsounds

    Looking for advice from people in relationships.

    I have been a part of this site on and off since 2008. In that time I have enjoyed the advice, arguments, insults, compliments, crys for help, and the saving advice that followed. So thank you for that. All of you. Now this is not a cry for help in the sense that I am horribly depressed and...
  4. B

    Adult Babys on Fetlife

    Hey guys I seem to be using fetlife.com alot recently and was wondering if anyone else used it. If so add me my user is NZ_Pup. I'm a 19 year old casual guy. Flick me a message im open and I won't judge. See you guys around :D
  5. B

    bbchrissy says hi

    Hi to all. I am an adult baby who wears mainly at night. I learned about this ab site via fetlife. I am up late right now and finally getting tired so I should go to bed. :sad: