1. D


    Omorashi Japanese word meaning "to wet oneself". A paraphilia involving urinating on oneself but also arousal brought on by having a full bladder, by causing someone to develop a full bladder, or by witnessing someone with a full bladder "relieve" themselves. - Urban dictionary. Opinions...
  2. plasticsounds

    People without ANY fetishes?

    I was wondering if there are people in this world that have absolutely no fetishes whatsoever. Background: I was having a conversation with my wife the other day(she knows about my AB/DL, does not participate). I asked her outright if she has any desires, strange or otherwise. She said no. I...
  3. macabre

    Help Wanted: Assurance of Some-sort

    I like to read, and so I do, a lot. And I have noticed a trend in ABDL fiction, alot of sex/sexual behavior and bondage/BDSM play to an incredible degree. I like sex, I like BDS (not really into S&M...at all, really), and I really like the idea of taking care of an *B. However, I could not let...