fetish discussion

  1. Sitherus

    The common mans view on Diaper/ Adult baby fetishism.

    after searching the web for the stuff that i search for, every once in a while i come across topics about the infintilism and AB/DL or adult diaper fetishism. Most of these sites are stupid (people talking about banning adult diapers per house hold or the "I just found out..." bs) but every so...
  2. bean

    Opinions on whether the idea of "Fetish" adequately describes AB/DL

    I have been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be AB/DL. I think that in many cases it can be classified as a fetish, but I think that for many people it is also something else in addition to fetish. Or for some, not a fetish at all. What do you all think, is the commonly accepted...
  3. C

    i started to wear some diapers i was 24

    :rolleyes:I lived at home family at my mother in 1998 and i stayed there for 3 years before to decide to live alone in 2001 to Draguignan in Var in the south of France. i had got my bedroom when i lived with my mother, i started to buy some diapers in paramedical near my mother's home, and i...