1. T

    Older Sissies can redefine Housewife.

    While many older sissies are using current fashions and new generation clothing as their sissy expression, there are those who are bringing back the previous generation look... the look of the 1950's housewife. A good example would be the Househusband turned Housewife here...
  2. T

    Finding the perfect feminine diapers

    I'm hunting for the perfect diaper for myself and seem to have gotten lost in it all. I'm specifically looking for something that seems feminine but not too young. My ideal diaper would be predominately purple (settle for pink), Low rise in the front (think typical panties), and effective in...
  3. KittyninjaW

    It would be nice to be a flower girl.

    Hello, me again. Anyway sometimes I think it would be nice to become a sissy flower girl for a wedding, and feel very feminine, and stuff. Anyone else think that.