1. KittyninjaW

    The return of the reprise of the Kittyninja!

    Hello, my diapered friends! I'm back after so long and it kinda feels good. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is the fact that when my brother came back from the military and after the "Grace period" The Dark Lord, (A.K.A my brother, Trying to make a joke here.) is back to his...
  2. KittyninjaW

    Life has steadly improved.

    Hey everyone, sense My brother left for the army, Life has steady improved. First off, I think I know what my little side is, Basically, It's a boy who knows he's a boy but likes to be treated like/called a little girl. Not sure what the name for that is though, Probably Sissy, or Fem-boy. Also...
  3. Premetheus

    I am a male... aren't I?

    I mean, I like to wear womens underwear from time to time... maybe a skirt or something. I just would never be comfortable enough in my own skin to go in public. The best I can do is wear eyeshadow, nailpolish, and have panties on under my male clothes. If you ask me that takes some kind of guts...
  4. Premetheus


    1. I've seen post that incontinence can come back if you have had it before and I discussed it in another post. My question is.... can it be avoided? Or am I doomed to return to it with age? 2. Is it still age play if I act younger but don't dumb anything down and retain intelligence whilst...
  5. Premetheus

    What does it truly mean to be a sissy?

    Does being a femboy and submissive, while being dominant when my significant other wants me to be, count? I have felt like I didn't deserve to be a man because I wasn't what anyone wanted me to be. I'm straight and engaged to a wonderful woman. I just feel like my masculanity was stolen from me...