1. GoodnitesXL21

    So what exactly do you feel before and during wetting?

    So I've been mostly 24/7 for #1 for almost a year and a half now. I haven't really seen a thread like this so I decided to make one. I just want to kind of compare what/how much others feel when it happens. Now I'm a DL, but just let my bladder release when it feels like it. I don't push to...
  2. LazyDreamer

    What Do Cloth Diapers Feel Like?

    I don't know if I can, in good conscience, spend $10 a month or so on diapers when that money could go to something better. I'm considering cloth, but I ADORE how disposables feel. What I love about disposables (especially when they're taped tightly) is how fluffy and sort of solid they are...
  3. D

    The Wet Feeling Poll

    Search your feelings
  4. Q

    Feelings in dreams

    So I've been having vivid dream for the past few months ( I don't know why or will go into detail) and I've been able to 'feel'. Like running water through my hands or pain. For example, if I'm dreaming about laying in the grass I can feel the grass blades and if it's raining I can feel the...
  5. M

    Sensory adaptation... psychology of diapers!

    Hello everyone! Today in psychology, we were discussing the nature of sensation and perception as it related to touch. My mind jumped to diapers immediately, of course. What was discussed was that essentially when a new feeling occurs, we feel it very explicitly; when we put on a shirt or pants...
  6. D

    How do I get over...

    the hot and sticky feeling of a diaper in the spring and summer? Each year I deal with it but, if anyone knows anything that might help... please share.