1. Moo

    Proposed Rule Changes

    Overall goals: Clarify some rules that people were interpreting differently (usually more harshly) than intended Loosen up some of the rules Proposed rule changes: Loosen the "crotch shots" rule. Right now we have people who report every image on the site that has someone wearing a diaper...
  2. BabyKai

    I need feedback on this story I'm going to do.

    Hi, I'm really into writing stories but this is my first ABDL story. I've written quite a bit so far and would love feedback, negative or positive. As long as you aren't rude about it (although I doubt anyone will be since it seems this website is just full of very lovely, caring, friendly...
  3. M

    Suggestion ADSIC-First Impression (site alteration idea)

    First of all, I am very much aware that we don't have someone available for coding as of yet. I would simply like to get some 'air-time' and feedback on this idea, that I just hatched out, in the following thread. From...