fecal incontinence

  1. GreenieTheFilly

    IBS sucks :(

    Man, normally I refrain from posting in this sub-forum because I'm fine 99% of the time. But I just wanted to gripe about IBS, and how much I hate it. Soooo <vent> Normally I'm constipation dominant IBS, but occasionally, for no discernible reason, my body will decide to flip the switch and...
  2. K

    How do i deal with fecal incontinece?

    How do I deal with it? It's like a nightmare socially cause I'm scared to be around people... and it have only had it for 1 year... how many years did you have it and how did u cope?
  3. G

    how to manage about the smell in fecal icontinence

    When I have a mayor accident in my diaper while I'm at my home, it's ok. But when I have a poop in my diaper while out of home, the smell makes me feel embarased and to avoid being to near to other people who could notice the smell and then of course take a closer look at me and notice the bulk...
  4. R

    minor accident

    I though I had my IBS-D under control, but just had a small accident - thought it was gas (it was, but with extra...) so I am diapered back up - and just before I am to go to the gym. I have to say being able to read all of the discussions of others on this site helped a lot; I will just diaper...
  5. miapeters

    Accidents at the wrong time

    Hey guys, I know many of you have 100's of embarrassing or bad incidents to mention but are there ever times when incontinence has really affected those times and how you perform, For example when I'm doing exams, having a bm is the last thing I want, but it's annoying me at the back of my...
  6. miapeters

    Biggest obstacles of being incontinent/wearing diapers

    Hey guys, mia here. (If you are in a sharing mood) Share your biggest obstacle/obstacles of being incontinent or wearing diapers regularly, Feel free to ask questions or for advice, it's all about sharing
  7. miapeters

    Diapers and school/college

    Hello again, mia here I'm just wondering how your'll managed incontinence/diapers at school or college. Did you still manage to do certain activities. How did your peers and teachers treat you and what kind of facilities did they have for you to change. I remember I was in the school orchestra...
  8. miapeters

    Incontinence questions, ask away

    Hi! I'm mia, I recently posted a thread for people to ask questions and give advice on anything diaper or incontinence related, I want to share it with everyone else and not only in the incontinence sub-forum, i'm not really sure of how to move threads if that's possible so sorry if this is a...
  9. miapeters

    Swim diapers and swimming

    Hello everybody, I've been posting a few questions here and there and got answers on using the pool when incontinent. I'm doubly incontinent and have several bowel movements throughout the day and I have never gone swimming because of this, after some suggestions I got hold of two swim diapers...
  10. miapeters

    Plastic pants alternative

    Sorry guys I still don't know how to delete duplicate posts
  11. miapeters

    Plastic pants alternative

    Hi all! Yet another post from me ... I've been dealing with double incontinence for nearly my whole life and when I started growing and using abena m4's a always wore plastic pants. They were quite uncomfortable and even though the m4's have never leaked during day I wear them just in case...
  12. miapeters

    Diapers in airplanes

    Hello all, I'm just curious but has anyone worn diapers while traveling via airlines? I have only gone on domestic flights and it had been impossible to change in that crazy small toilet. I have had to sit and wait in a soaked and bm filled diaper until I can change at the airport. How do you...
  13. miapeters

    Incontinence questions

    Hello, I'm mia and I deal with urinary and bowel incontinence 24/7. It started at a very young age and I've been dealing with it nearly all my life. Currently attending college. I've just joined adisc and have been actively posting. Ever since I was labeled as incontinent I never really had...
  14. leffykit

    doctor dilemma

    I've not been round here as much as I used to be and TBH its because I'm a little depressed and a little frustrated, and reading through other topics here hasn't really helped how I feel. For those who recall my post about my problems with IBS I did see the doctor again, having already been...