fecal incontinence

  1. EcoIncon

    Admiring Serenity in those that are dual or fecal Incontinent

    It's a beautiful fall day. The leaves are mostly turned and many are falling to the ground. The trail through the woods I normally run is carpeted and the leaves crunch underfoot. The weather is sunny and the temperature in the 50s. I am out for a lunchtime run and really enjoying the day...
  2. J

    I have nerve damage... so is my FI permanent

    If you have nerve damage is it permanent? Is this for life?
  3. J

    What caused your fecal incontinence?

    What was the cause? and how old were you when it started?
  4. Kodname87

    If you have fecal incontinence is it ok to eat indian or thai food

    Like curries for example? Will it make symptoms worse?
  5. Kodname87

    My fecal incontinence got a whole lot worse... and im scared help?

    It was just some liquid leaking out and now actual stool is leaking out. It's never been this bad and I'm very uncomfortable.
  6. Kodname87

    My fecal incontinece is getting worse? Support please.

    It's getting worse after I have caffeine. Should I stop having caffeine? Has your fecal incontinence gotten worse? How did you deal with it?
  7. Kodname87

    What are some things you tell yourself to deal with fecal incontinence?

    Like do you have some thoughts that make it easier for you mentally?
  8. Kodname87

    For people who have been fecally incontinent their whole lives. what is it like?

    What is it like never being able to control it since you were a kid? I have only been incontinent for a little bit.
  9. Kodname87

    Can you manage going to church with fecal incontinence?

    I am fecally incontinent and I really want to go to church again but I'm not sure how to prepare for it.
  10. Kodname87

    What was it like when you first became fecally incontinent?

    What did you feel?
  11. Kodname87

    How bad is your fecal incontinence?

    Also should I avoid caffiene to not make it worse?
  12. Kodname87

    What are the best diapers for fecal incontinence

    I buy these ones at the pharmacy but white stuff leaks out of it if you don't change them often enough.
  13. Kodname87

    I dont want to have fecal incontinence

    I dont want to be incontinent... this is not fun... and this may be permanent.. can you give me advice?
  14. Kodname87

    If fecal incontinence is due to nerve damage is it permanent

    I've been having nerve problems.
  15. Kodname87

    What foods make fecal incontinence worse?

    And are they temporary or permanent?
  16. Kodname87

    How long have you had fecal incontinence?

    Also what are things that can make incontinence worse?
  17. Kodname87

    I am going to have a colonoscopy.. for my fecal incontinence?

    Will I have an accident during the procedure? Will I be embarassed?
  18. Kodname87

    How has fecal incontinece affected your social life?

    Do people ever exclude you or ostracize u?
  19. Kodname87

    If my fecal incontinence is incurable.... can i still live a relatively good life

    Will I be able to manage it until death? Will it be hard?
  20. Kodname87

    Why does fecal incontinence gotta be a reality?

    I didn't even know this could happen to a person until it happened to me... why do we live in a world with this sickness?