1. nightfox320

    Relationships and Diapers

    So this is not the usual relationship with diaper post. I am curious however for those of you who have been in a relationship where it was not accepted, has that left you afraid? Like afraid to date or bring it up? I have been in a few where all my exes were not accepting and freaked about by...
  2. littleBabyJojo


    Last night I had a nightmare. :sad: In it, my family was searching for me and I was scared of them. I had only a diaper on but it didn't feel like a problem because even though they pretend not to know I wear diapers I'm pretty sure most of them do know. I woke up really scared and now I was...
  3. L

    fear of getting diapers and stuff i need

    hi i have a fear of buying diapers in the store i want to be able to go to any stor and walk in and get my diapers and not be afraid of getting them right now i go late on the weekends at like 11 or 12 to wallmart and get them any tips would be great
  4. TeenBabyMax

    When Being An Teen Baby Goes To Far

    Im a simple baby and just sometimes i want to be treated like one but who doesnt here. And i would love to have a mom because women are nurturing by nature but we all know it would be very rare for me to find one of those. but, im afriad of daddies in this Fetish/ life style. i know they would...
  5. J

    I thought I was the only one o_0

    I've been curious of how it feels to wear a diaper for a few months now. Each new month, I am getting more and more anxious. I wanna wear them 24/7, but I'm afraid I might be put in a mental institution or something. I wish I knew what it's like. Lately for the past few night (more like 3...
  6. Fenrierlilfolf

    Sudden and extreme regression

    Last Tuesday I was walking back home from work, just following the streets that looked the most interesting and enjoying the walking and sights, although, I got too carried away and ended up getting lost. Eventually I arrived at a small park in the middle of a roundabout, and it was getting...
  7. Laz

    Getting over my fears.

    When I was in 7th grade I had a really tramatic "Got Caught" incident happen to me. As a result I now have a irrational paranoia whenever I wear diapers. I get really nervous, I jump at any sound thinking somone is going to come in even when nobody is at home, and I have my door locked. I'm...
  8. LilRetroBoy

    feeling a bit down

    As i write this i am feeling alone, i often feel like this but i don't no how to stop this feeling, or rather stop its regular occurrence. I work out for a number of reasons one of which is i know that after my work out there is a hormone the body produces called endorphins that help lift my...
  9. Adyson

    Your beginnings

    So here is a question for all of you. I remember a story of an AB who described going to the baby aisle (or going near, for that matter) as, "looking into the face of the beast". I'm 18, and I still tense up and shake when I even see a baby item that can be associated with paraphernalia. If I go...