1. SillyLiam

    Favorite Little Space Movie!

    Anyone have any favorite movies they watch while in little space?? Mine would either be The Lion King or Balto at the moment! :biggrin:
  2. F

    What are your fav ABDL/DDLG/CGL YouTube channels/Blogs/Instas etc?

    I know there's been a few posts somewhat like this in the past but the most recent is almost a year old and I'm not sure the creators in them are still active and only seemed to include YT. Whats your fav abdl/cgl media sources? I'd love to read more blogs and watch more vids, especially from...
  3. G

    What is your favorite thing that your caregiver does for/with you?

    What are your favorite things that your caregiver does with/for you? And what do they do/say that makes you feel the most little?
  4. askmelater47

    My Little Pony...Favorites? ...and some extra fun?

    Hey, recently i started watching MLP: FIM and i absolutely love the show. Rainbow Dash is my favorite and Applejack is a close second. But i do like all the ponies. I had this idea earlier, you know how each pony has a different persona, its more than likely your favorite pony has a persona...
  5. prettybaby

    Dream Caretaker from a movie or tv?

    Hello everyone! I thought this would be a really fun idea for a thread: Have you ever seen a care taker type figure in a movie, or tv, that you would love to have? Or maybe even just a dynamic between two characters that you would love to have with a caretaker, mommy, daddy, or ab/dl nanny...
  6. jter42

    Favorite Skyrim moment's!

    What's everyone's favorite parts of the game, or situations that have happened to you? Personally my favorite part has been Dawnguard and joining Stormcloaks to take back Skyrim.
  7. C

    What is your favorite diaper brand?

    What is your favorite diaper brand? Also if you have any stories of how you hide the diapers and what you do to get them then you can post it on here. My favorite diapers are Goodnites i mainly enjoy wetting them and i just bought them when my parents were not home. Writing a...
  8. FievelandTonyAB93

    Your favorite Sega Genesis game

    As a follow up to a thread that I posted about what your favorite N64 game is, I decided that I should ask all of you that have a Sega Genesis a curious question. What games do you favorably enjoy playing on the Genesis?
  9. Lust

    What is your Favorite diapers list 1-5

    My top 5 1. Abena Abri-Form 2. Dry 24/7 3. Goodnites/drynites 4. Molicare SuperPlus 4. ABU Cushies/Super Dry Kids
  10. foxytiger

    Your favorite diaper

    What is your favorite diaper, and why do you like it? For example, mine is the pink princess pull-ups, because I love princesses. My other one is the pampers cruisers size 7, because they have the straps.
  11. Psynapse

    What is your favorite artist/ band?

    This thread probably exisits but I'm bringing it back from the dead! So whats everybody's favorite artists/band? Favorite song by said artist/band? I can personally say for myself my favorite artist by far is Deadmau5. My favorite song is The Veldt. So whats your favorite?
  12. FievelandTonyAB93

    Favorite soda?

    Any of you who drink soda, what is your most favorite soda that you like to drink? I don't drink regular or diet sodas, but I do drink the Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwbacks from PepsiCo and imported Coca-Cola from Mexico (basically a Coca Cola with real cane sugar in a glass bottle). My ultimate...
  13. LittleMiss

    New Sippy Cup Help

    Hey everybody!! So I'm looking at picking up some new sippy cups :) I'm getting a Disney Princess one, a Winnie the Pooh one and a Hello Kitty one. I want to get two more and have already picked the style, now here's the question:Should I get the pack with blue dinosaurs or pink forest animals...
  14. favorite

    Hi everyone!

    You can call me 'Favorite'... You might recognize the same username on other sites--and they're all me (as far as I know). I'm introducing myself here because I've heard a lot of positive things about the ADISC forums, and I'm looking for a site with lots of thoughtful discussions about kink...
  15. S

    Favorite/Happiest moments in diapers

    Aaaahh. Sitting on the couch in a wet goodnite with my paci while i'm home alone for the evening. :smile1: Its moments like these that make it great to be a diaper lover/teen baby. What are some of your favorite or happiest moments in diapers?
  16. S

    your favorite baby object

    what thing makes you feel the most babyish and the most comfortable:pizza:
  17. Pramrider

    Your Favorite Soup(s)

    Trying to think of warm things on the chillier nights we're having now. So, what's your favorite soup? I'd make a poll, but there's just too many varieties of soup out there. My top favorite would be my own homemade oyster stew. Yummy! Second would be Lipton chicken noodle soup which comes in a...
  18. P


    So...What comedians do you like? Just off the top of my head (in no order) Dave Chappelle Demetri Martin Kyle Cease Dane Cook Gabriel Iglesias Ellen DeGeneres Jim Gaffigan Jeff Dunham Ralphie May
  19. betagame

    What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    I want to know what brands do you like best. Mainly for survey.
  20. P

    Favorite Animal

    So...I'm pretty sure this hasn't been made yet...And by favorite animal, I don't mean your fursona (unless that's your favorite...I'm not sure how it all goes...)...But yeah...What's you're favorite animal? I feel mine is super obvious...